Monday, March 9, 2015

Howie Carr and WRKO break up and make up 

Popular radio afternoon host Howie Carr will be back on WRKO 680 next Monday, the station announced this morning.

As you recall, Carr disappeared from WRKO after his November 7th show. The station did confirm his departure a week later with a brief statement(BRW 11/14/14). He has been WRKO's afternoon drive host since September 1994.  

Carr signed on with his own self-syndicated regional network of some 20 stations including Boston's WMEX 1510. Meanwhile at WRKO, Carr was replaced with Seattle-based Mike Siegel whose interim show didn't receive any kind of promotional push or publicity by the station. That in itself opened the door to a lot of social media speculation whether Carr could return to WRKO 680 via a syndication deal sooner rather than later.

While low-key Siegel was covering the 3-7pm slot on 680 and Carr struggled to be heard via 1510's iffy night-time signal in much of Boston metro, behind the closed doors negotiations to bring Carr's new syndicated show back to WRKO were taking place over the past two months. 

Finally the deal got done a few days ago and Howie's Chump Line will make its triumphant return to WRKO come next Monday afternoon.

BRW Notebook :

Keeping the band together : Speaking of WRKO's line-up, Westwood One has recently inked Mark Levin to a new long-term contract extension that will keep his syndicated "The Mark Levin Show" (7 to 10 p.m. weeknights on WRKO) on through 2020.

He launched his show in 2003 and expanded it to three hours in 2009.

Levin is also known to listeners of Rush Limbaugh's show as "F. Lee Levin" and to Sean Hannity listeners as "The Great One" through frequent appearances on those shows before getting his own program.

Howie Carr has done some fill-in work for Levin in the past and now that he's back at WRKO, that will likely continue.


Bill said...

It's like re-marrying your ex after a bitter, contested divorce!

John said...

So what's going to happen to 1510 WMEX? Are they going to continue as a talk station without their flagship personality?

Victor Araujo said...

MIKE SEIGEL is "LIGHT YEARS" ahead of the VERY VERY VERY BORING HOWIE CARR!!!!! NOBODY CARES about whitey bulger and the "irish mafia" within boston that seems to be like it happened 100 years ago!!! HOWIE CARR might as well write a "new book" about the BOSTON STRANGLER........ BORING! !!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Howie is Yesterday's news, what was wrko thinking bringing him back?