Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Clear Channel cuts nationally, consolidates local traffic operations

Earlier today, massive personnel reductions took place place at corporate titan Clear Channel's radio stations in small and medium sized markets around the country as the company struggles with its huge $21-billion(and climbing) debt. While reportedly none of Clear Channel's major market stations were impacted today that may change soon. The company's major market general managers met in Chicago today and could very possibly be headed back to their stations with their own set of reductions to implement according to well-respected media reporter Roger Feder.

At Clear Channel Boston's local radio cluster there were no known staff cuts but a big reduction in force took place in the local traffic reporting business as Clear Channel began merging its own Total Traffic Network operations with the Metro Networks traffic service the company purchased from Westwood One in late April for $119 million.

Metro Networks has been Clear Channel’s Total Traffic Network’s (TTN) largest competitor, and April's deal made the company the largest player in the traffic business. Metro which supplies traffic, news and sports reports for many Boston market TV and radio stations already had a budget-related round of layoffs three years ago(BRW 9/15/2008) took another pretty big hit today. Close to two dozen staffers including managers, reporters and producers at Metro Networks' Boston office were laid off today. Some of the more familiar voices you often heard on various local TV and radio stations during morning and afternoon commutes were let go - Matt Phipps, Marshall Hook, Mike King, Scott Pike and Brian Sullivan.

As of tomorrow, Clear Channel's Total Traffic staffers will relocate from their Clear Channel Boston's Medford studios which also house Kiss 108/Jamn 94-5/Talk 1200 to Metro's long-time Government Center digs.

BRW Notebook :

Honor Roll : 89.7 WGBH Radio’s senior investigative reporter Phillip Martin has been named the 2011-2012 Margret and Hans Rey/Curious George Producer.


Anonymous said...

Very sad for the likes of Matt, Mike, Scott and Brian....good guys, great broadcasters. No loss for Marshall however. I'm not sure who's going to produce traffic reports any longer. Sadly, when Smartroutes died, so did accurate traffic information. At least they kept veteran Rick Simonsen for the AM commute.

Anonymous said...

I respectfully disagree with the above. The Loss of SmartRoutes was indeed tragic but the Metro technology in master control was more than adequate to observe traffic conditions in the vital areas in and out of the city. The loss of the above named staffers sucks. Marshall started as a reporter then moved into management. When you loss your job, it hurts everyone even if that person is sometimes disagreeable. Clear Channel should be forced by the FCC to divest it's small and medium market radio stations and allow real owners and real broadcasters to operate them once again. They make me sick.

Anonymous said...

Losing your job is never easy. Frankie Fox was always a favorite of mine,got to hear a lot of her on Mix lately and she's incredible.

Anonymous said...

Scott Pike is the absolute worst. Terribly biased and has no idea about the info he reads. Glad he was fired.