Saturday, October 24, 2009

Raines out at the River

WXRV/The River 92.5 program director and morning personality Beau Raines has exited the Haverhill-based AAA(Adult Album Alternative) station earlier this week. Raines, a 37-year radio industry veteran took over as River's programmer and morning voice in mid-January. As was first reported here(BRW 1/12), former WROR 105.7FM(1999-2002) and WZLX 100.7FM(2002-2005) programmer who started his radio career at then-Top 40 WRKO AM 680 in the late 60's while studying at Northeastern University, became River's fifth fulltime program director in 14 years. Raines replaced Ron Bowen who left in June 2008. No word yet on who will be named River's new program director but for now music director/assistant PD Catie Wilber has been named the acting PD.

BRW Notebook :

Holiday concerts are rolling : 'Tis the time of year when listeners are inundated with radio station holiday concerts and benefit shows. You know the drill, big-label artits turn up and sing a few tunes for charity or/and promote the sponsoring station. WXRV-FM/The River 92.5 hosts its annual RiverFeast to benefit Greater Boston Foodbank on Fri. November 20 at Peabody Essex Museum with Marc Cohn, Needtobreathe and Eli "Paperboy" Reed. WFNX's annual "Miracle on Tremont Street" returns to the Orpheum on Friday, December 4th with Sppon, Phoenix and Passion Pit. This year's WXKS/Kiss 108's Jingle Ball at Tsongas Arena in Lowell on Thu. December 10th is already a sell-out despite no-flash line-up - Boys Like Girls, The Fray, Jordin Sparks, Sean Kingston, Justin Bieber and Jay Sean. Boys Like Girls, Kingston and Sparks all performed at the Jingle Ball concert in 2007, while The Fray performed in 2006.

One notable absence on the local seasonal radio concert circuit is Mix 104.1's annual MixFest concert. WBMX which moved its format from 98.5FM frequency to a more powerful 104.1FM this past August has apparently left its major annual station promotion on its former frequency. MixFest dates back to 1993 when Mix started it out as the FallFest.

The American Invasion : Tomorrow's Patriots-Bucs game from Wembley Stadium will be streamed live on SportsHub 98.5's website. Gil Santos and Gino Capelletti will deliver the play-by-play from London at 1pm. If you prefer to hear the British commentary from BBC 5 Sports Extra's Neil Reynolds, it will be found here.

The Pirates From Oz : Pirate radio will be back in the news, thanks to the upcoming comedy flick Pirate Radio (released as The Boat that Rocked). It's a comedy about 1960's Britain where there was no commercial radio and the stuffy old BBC was depriving the nation of the swinging sounds of the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Kinks and the Who. Pirate radio stations sailed to the rescue, dropping anchor in international waters and blasting the mainland with the latest groovy sounds. Pirate Radio opens at a theater near you on November 13.


Patricia M. said...

On Saturday, October 24, 2009 I was listining to Mel Robbins on WTKK. She was discussing whether or not she and her family would be getting the H1N1 flu shot. As she was describing her conversation with her husband, Chris, she commented that Chris called her a "retard" for not wanting to get the shot. I called the station and told the producer that I felt that for a supposedly educated women using the word "retard" (a perjorative) was completely unacceptable. I also told him that this was the last time I would be listening to her. His response was "okay" and hung up. By the time I shut the radio off she had called herself retarded. Does she know what a thesaurus is for? Maybe she ought to pick one up insteading of sounding like a misinformed teenager. What is she teaching her children anyway - that it's okay to call the less fortunate names? She owes me and every parent with a child with intellectual impairments an apology. I will lobby all parent organizations of the disabled (parent networking via internet is a beautiful thing) to boycott her show.
Oh, and just as an son would never dream of calling her would never occur to him to call people with less intelligence names.

Anonymous said...

She initially used the term quoting her husband from a conversation they had.

Further, get a grip. The word 'retarded' and 'retard' get used by a lot of people in casual conversation to describe things in jest.

I'm sick of people like you, you don't like it so now everyone has to stop using the word so you are not offended? Get over yourself. So everyone has worry about offending you when talking?

Boycott? How about getting a life, or just stay in your little bubble and leave the rest of society alone.

Laurence Glavin said...

In a way, it's inaccurate to say that WBMX's current operation is "more powerful" than the one it left behind. Once FM's in the Boston area transmit from effective altitudes higher than around 500-feet, they have to lower their wattage as they go up. WBMX may be transmitting with about 20,000 watts from atop the Pru, but when they had about 9,000 watts on the TV tower in Newton, their range was actually superior. A higher proportion of the 104.1 signal is over water than when they were on 98.5...and as one drives west on the Pike, 104.1 is drowned out by the 104.1 near Hartford, CT.