Monday, July 13, 2009

It's been a couple of quiet weeks in Boston radioland where it seems every radio station has gone into its summer vacation mode filled with fiil-in personalities and very few, if any, programming moves of interest. Here are some little radio items for your beach reading pleasure.

BRW Notebook :

In the top story of the day...: Beginning September 1st, Boston University-owned NPR affiliate WBUR 90.9FM will have a new boss in the newsroom. After six years as WBUR's news director, local veteran news journalist John Davidow will assume the responsibilities of exexcutive editor at while NPR veteran editor Martha Little succeeds him according to a press release from the BU station.

DL update : WRKO AM 680's afternooner Howie Carr underwent full hip replacement at Mass General over the weekend. With Carr going on the disabled list for the next two weeks, the President of Howie Carr Nation, Col. David Hunt answers the call of duty.

Midsummer Classic : 80th MLB All-Star Game on will be heard locally on ESPN 890 at 7:45 p.m on Tuesday night(7/14). ESPN Radio’s Dan Shulman will call the game with analyst Dave Campbell, with Marc Kestecher serving as on-site host. Peter Pascarelli and John Rooney, the voice of the St. Louis Cardinals, will serve as on-field reporters. Shulman and Campbell. who will also work tonight's Homerun Derby(also to be heard on ESPN 890 at 8pm), have worked the All-Star Game and Derby together for eighth consecutive seasons.

Sports shorts : Speaking of ESPN 890, the little sports station will celebrate its 4th birthday later this month. In addition to its afternoon drive programming - Boston Sports Show(w/Mike Vallee, Bob Lobel, Alan Segal and Kevin Winter) and Baseball PreGame Show(6-7pm with Kevin Winter) - the ESPN station recently added another local sports show to the line-up. In late June, the Young Guns(and its cast of thousands) migrated from WWZN AM 1510(now mostly progressive talk format) to ESPN 890 to host a a two-hour Boston Sports Postgame Show weeknights from 10pm to Midnight....Speaking of ESPN 890 alums, the local sports media kingpin Mike Felger(now with WEEI/ and Comcast SportsNet) who was the first local voice heard on the ESPN 890 back in 2005 got a nice write-up in the Boston Globe last Friday...After media reports surfaced this spring that the Bruins were possibly exploring other options around the dial, the team and its longtime flagship WBZ AM 1030 have quietly agreed to extend their partnership for 2009/2010 season. Hockey is returning to WBZ Radio in October which this upcoming season will feature NHL's Winter Classic on New Year's Day at Fenway Park(Awesome!). The Bruins-Flyers outdoor game will be officially announced this Wednesday afternoon at Fenway Park...No new sports talk on FM yet, but Bruce Allen of Boston Sports Media Watch is already hard at work trying to fill some of the airshifts at the new sports station.

Forever Young : Kiss 108's morning legend Matt Siegel is showing no signs of slowing down after nearly three decades working at Medford's Top 40 institution. His show has been on the air at Kiss for more than 28 years which is older than some of the younger "Matty in the Morning" production support staffers or his morning drive listeners. One of the signs that Matty has been around a long time - some of his former interns like Wendy Williams now host their own national radio and TV shows. Siegel's pretty incredible run was captured in the Globe story last week.

HD Radio is trying to be heard : The first portable HD Radio receiver is now out and available at Best Buy for $49.99. (Ed. Note : Seems like one pricey walkman to take jogging or get all sandy at the beach. No thanks, I'll pass). The receiver comes complete with a 10-hour rechargeable battery and color LCD screen. The compact HD Radio, manufactured by Best Buy's Insignia brand, is able to store up to 10 preset radio channels. The Insignia HD Radio portable receiver weighs about two ounces. Ibiquity CEO Bob Struble says, “We applaud Best Buy for setting a precedent in the audio entertainment marketplace by offering the first-ever portable HD Radio receiver. With new HD2/HD3 digital channels, crystal-clear sound, no subscription fees, and now, thanks to Best Buy, the ability to take digital radio on the go, it's a total win for the consumer and one more indication that the HD Radio momentum is continuing." Best Buy is promoted in The HD Digital Radio Alliance’s commercials. Here is a list of all Boston radio stations broadcasting their signal in HD and as well featuring a number of HD subchannels.

Running out of options : BRW's resident contributor/radio critic Sarkis C. checks in with his not-so-stellar midyear report on radio programming here and elsewhere.

"Boston radio is simply beyond awful!!! The formats are all PC and they are so routine that it makes you wonder how mindless we all are.Take WRKO, Todd and Tom. Does Fienberg ever tire of ever bring right all the time? Then they go all right with Ingram, Rush and Howie. I do admit that Savage is interesting. How is Howie still in radio? His shows are awful! I will give him credit, he is local and national when the time calls for it but mainly local issues at 6:00 if you can survive the 5:00 hour. How can his demo be so off track at the 55-72 number. That is the average age that calls into the show, most are from Maine. Is Howie that much of a cash cow. He must as he plug, plugs, and plugs nonsense all day.

How about WTKK? That is a quaqmire of a station. Imus is still around by aged out. Jim and Margie are the same old story with the same left ideas to counter the right programming. Severn could be dominate if he went with local issues instead of a national all the time. Could you look into the Andleman boys on WTKK. I listened once it was awful. What do they have to stay on the air? Its plug this and plug that all the while they bragg about this and that and offer nothing to the table. They are trying to make it the Sports Huddle of Food Talk.

Now for our beloved XM I mean Sirius!! O&A(Opie and Anthony) are done! I mean they are beat down from Howard. They could domiante with could stuff keep it up to date but they have thier comic friends and focus on them. Howard is good but I think he is on a 8 month vacation!

I am ticked that Satellite Radio is now canned radio. Eighties on Eight and the MTV DJ's ruined the channel with all that chat and banter. Edited songs are being played and that never happened before. The talk programming is ok, but that is shifting to PC-villes as edited content flows through. This is only the tip of the iceberg!"


Larry said...

MJ had a terrific album that sold untold amounts with a number of #1 hits. However, besides that album his music was decent but not anywhere near as good as his mentor James Brown of the late 50's early 60's. He was basically a copy cat of James Brown's dance moves.

As far as I am concerned, the kids who grew up with MJ in the 80's had little else to compare with as Rock and Roll went into the trash can.

MJ was certainly NOT in the class of Ray Charles. Little Richard, Little Stevie Wonder, James Brown, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Chuck Berry, Led Zep and of course Elvis.

When you do not know better because you were born before the 50's and 60's and maybe the early 70's, you probably have NO idea what Rock is all about.

Pop is Pop, it sure is NOT ROCK!



Anonymous said...

OK...lets say that Severin starts doing local issues.

We have Howie AND Severin doing local issues.

If you wanted to hear local issues, which would you listen to? Howie wins that battle.