Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Howie Nation picks its president

Earlier today during his afternoon drive show on WRKO AM 680, Radio Hall of Famer and Boston's talk radio institution Howie Carr announced the first-ever President of Howie Nation. Carr's frequent guest and fill-in, retired US Army Col. David Hunt edged out Fox25's news anchor Maria Stephanos in the final round of voting conducted on WRKO.com.
Here is the official release from WRKO :

BOSTON, MA (June 9, 2009) – After months of intense campaigning and online voting, the first-ever President of Howie Nation has been confirmed. Colonel David Hunt, a conservative military man and counter terrorism expert, inched out his competitors – Fox 25 News Anchor Maria Stephanos and Officer Mark of New Hampshire – to earn the honor. He was selected by WRKO listeners who have been voting online at
wrko.com for the past several weeks. The news was announced by Carr during his show, The Howie Carr Show, at 6:00 PM this evening.

Official duties as President include filling in for Howie on the air and attending ribbon cuttings and other ceremonial events in Howie’s place. Additionally, President Hunt will keep WRKO listeners up-to-date on the state of Howie Nation through monthly emails, blogs, and on-air addresses.

Hunt is already familiar to many, as he regularly fills in for Howie and is a contributor to Fox News. His background includes over 29 years of military experience, including extensive operational experience in special operations, counter terrorism and intelligence operations. Most recently, Hunt served as tactical adviser in Bosnia where he facilitated all national intelligence matters for the Commander in Chief. Prior to that, he served as counter terrorism coordinator to the Summer Olympic Games in Seoul, Korea. He has also served as a security adviser for the FBI, as well as state and local police officials. A graduate of Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government, Hunt holds a Master's degree in English from Norwich University.

“A hearty congratulations and thanks to all of our candidates for a hard fought campaign,” said Entercom New England Vice President of AM Programming Jason Wolfe. “We're confident that President Hunt will do Howie and the station proud by carrying out his duties with the requisite balance of pride, wit, self deprecation and good humor.”

Entercom is one of the nation’s largest radio broadcasters with operations, pro forma for pending acquisitions, in Boston, Seattle, Denver, Sacramento, Cincinnati, Portland, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Austin, Norfolk, Buffalo, New Orleans, Providence, Memphis, Greensboro, Rochester, Greenville/Spartanburg, Madison, Wichita, Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, Springfield and Gainesville/Ocala.

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Anonymous said...

So Maria lost? Whew!!! No filling in for Howie means that we will be able to keep seeing all the great shots of her legs/heels on the Fox 25 afternoon news!

Got nervous there for a sec... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Too bad. The only time I turn the station off is when Col. Hunt is on -- he might have been a great soldier, but he's a terrible broadcaster.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see that President Ford has found something worth while to do in retirement. Gotta' agree with Anon above - I hear the Colonel and I change the radio - just that simple.

Boston Radio Watch said...

"On your face and give me 25!"


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's me...but I don't get this whole "Howie Nation" thing.....

Seems like a silly promotion.

Does anyone care who won the "Presidency" of "Howie Nation"?

I mean, really....who cares?