Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Bald Truth gets a weekend slot on WTKK

Michael Smerconish, a Philadelphia lawyer turned radio talk show host, is going to be heard on the Boston's FM talker beginning this weekend. Last month, WTKK piped in Smerconish's nationally syndicated show(airing on tape-delay) as a filler for its afternoon host Jay Severin who served out a month-long suspension. For now, WTKK will run a weekend edition of Smerconish' daily show with a three-hour 'best-of' feed which will air on Sundays from Noon to 3pm.

Smerconish is also a best-selling author, columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer and a Philadelphia Daily News and MSNBC contributor. In the past, he has guest-hosted for Bill O'Reilly's radio and cable shows, Chris Matthews on MSNBC's Hardball, and on Glenn Beck's radio and TV programs.

Here's WTKK's official release :

Boston’s Talk Evolution 96.9 FM, WTKK Adds Michael Smerconish to Weekend Lineup

Smerconish’s Weekend Show Premieres this Sunday on 96.9 FM
Boston, MA (June 18, 2009): Boston’s Talk Evolution, 96.9 FM WTKK, announced today The “Best of” Michael Smerconish Program, will be added to the station's weekend lineup beginning on Sunday June 21, from 12:00pm – 3:00pm.

More than just politics, Smerconish covers everything from government to pop culture: all-things-Obama, dating, marriage, kids, wine, and a little more politics of course!

“Bostonians and New Englanders will get to meet an issue to issue guy," said WTKK Program Director Grace Blazer. "Michael Smerconish is a smart guy with a smart show and makes sense for WTKK’s weekend lineup. We will continue to expose our listeners and advertisers to special hosts and special shows to compete for their all too precious weekend time.”

Michael A. Smerconish is a Philadelphia lawyer-turned-political commentator. At age 29, he served as the presidential appointee under George H. W. Bush as Regional Administrator in the Department of Housing and Urban Development. A true independent, Smerconish endorsed Senator Barack Obama in the 2008 National Election Campaign. Already a national media figure, Smerconish has guest hosted for Bill O’Reilly on The Radio Factor and for Glenn Beck. He has also appeared as a frequent guest on the NBC Today Show, The Early Show on CBS, Real Time with Bill Maher, The View, The Colbert Report, and Hardball with Chris Matthews.

He is the author of three books, including and writes weekly columns for both the Philadelphia Daily News and Philadelphia Inquirer. Smerconish has been named to Talkers Magazine’s annual Heavy Hundred most important talk show hosts in America, News/Talk All Star Player (R&R 2006),nominated Best Local Talk Host in America (R&R 2003), was awarded Best Talk Show and Best Evening Program ( Philadelphia Achievement in Radio Awards),
and Best Radio Talk Host ( Philadelphia Magazine, 2004). He lives in Philadelphia .

WTKK’S new Sunday lineup is Garden Guys 6-9am, The Money Show 9am-Noon, Michael Smerconish Noon-3pm, Jimmy Myers 3-6pm, The Prime Time Car Hour 6-7pm, The Sports Huddle with Eddie Andelman 7-10pm.

For more information, please contact Grace Blazer, Program Director, at 617-822-6820 or

WTKK-FM is owned by Greater Boston Radio, Inc., a subsidiary of Greater Media, Inc., the parent company of 23 AM and FM radio stations in the Boston , Charlotte , Detroit , New Jersey and Philadelphia markets. Greater Media also owns a group of weekly newspapers in central New Jersey and several telecommunications towers located throughout the United States .

BRW Notebook :

Revolution in process : Jeff Santos who currently programs the new "Revolution Radio" format on WWZN AM 1510/The Zone had a sitdown with the Patriot Ledger earlier this week. Santos hopes to expand the progressive talk programming on Revolution 1510 which currently airs from 6am to 7pm, Monday thru Friday to a full 24/7 format.

Radio lift anyone? : (Ed. Note : Please try not to laugh out loud while reading this item).

WRKO AM 680 will debut “Changing Your Life”, an hour-long show dedicated to the science of cosmetic surgery and how it is changing lives. The program will air every Saturday from Noon to 1pm and will be hosted by Board Certified, Harvard trained Dr. Joseph Russo.

“Cosmetic surgery is obviously a hot topic these days, for both men and women,” said Entercom New England Vice President of AM Programming Jason Wolfe in a press release. “But because it’s changing and growing so rapidly, it can be confusing and intimidating. The aim of this show is to answer people’s questions and provide expert knowledge. Dr. Russo is both engaging and personable, and we’re thrilled to welcome him onto the airwaves.”

Added Dr. Russo in the press release: "I am thrilled to be associated with a radio station that has the power and presence of WRKO and I am grateful for this opportunity. I look forward to answering listener's questions about plastic surgery, educating and empowering them to change their lives."

Find Your DJ Update : Boston veteran Top 40 jock Deirdre Dagata who got spun off her night shift at Kiss 108 in late April(BRW 4/29) and replaced by voicetracking out of Dallas, has recently landed a regular Saturday shift(3-8pm) at Mix 98.5FM.

What's in the logo? : Speaking of Kiss 108 and Mix 98-5, did anyone notice that a newly redesigned Kiss logo has changed from the long-used blue color scheme to darker pink similar to lighter pink used by Mix 98-5? (Ed. Note : I know, I know it's useless minutia, but I am just sayin'.)

Don't call it a comeback...just yet : A left-coast media observer expects to hear Howard Stern back on terrestrial radio sometime in 2010.(Ed. Note : Howard on the terrestrial radio would be a great thing for the radio industry as a whole. Will it happen? If the money talks, Howard returns.)

Building A Mystery : Barry Scott who has interviewed more than 650 artists on his "Lost 45's" over the years will feature a reclusive 'mystery guest' on his July 5th show(from 7pm-12am on WODS 103.3FM/Oldies). Can you guess who it is?(Ed. Note : I see glittery shirts...I hear "Sweet Caroline" sing-along at this year's July 4th concert at the Shell...darn, I still can't solve this one, I guess I will have to tune in).

Who's on first, what's on know what is on third : All you need to know about just-released May ratings for the Boston market is : retro hits radio is still huge - four stations all battling for the same 25-54 demographic and all with very decent numbers(WROR 105.7FM is 5th, WODS 103.3FM/Oldies is 8th, WZLX 100.7FM is 9th and WMKK 93.7FM/MikeFM is 11th); in the modern/alternative rock arena - WBOS-FM/Radio 92.9 is still ahead of the pack which includes WAAF 107.3FM, WBCN 104.1FM and WFNX 101.7FM; and Jay Severin's month-long suspension actually helped WRKO AM 680 and hurt WTKK 96.9FM.


Anonymous said...

I already asked if it was the "jewish Elvis" on either Barry's FB page or the website and his reply was " I wish"

Laurence Glavin said...

I heard a portion of the Smerconish show at noon today (06/21...feels like 03/21: windy and cold) and at no point did anyone at 'TKK say this is a tape-delayed show. The Conehead kept giving the toll-free number to call as if it were live. B-A-A-D RADIO!

Anonymous said...

Ref Changing Your Life - scapel and lipo radio - is this a straight time buy or is RKO actually bringing this to the market as one of their produced programs?