Friday, May 29, 2009

Radio Silence : Still no resoltion in Severin's status at WTKK

It's been exactly a month since afternoon talk show host Jay Severin was yanked off the air at Greater Media's talker WTKK 96.9FM in response to an outcry of disapproval over his statements about Mexican immigrants and Swine Flu(BRW 4/30).

Greater Media's stern statement on May 4th was the last we heard from the company publicly on the Severin suspension, however, it appears something is definitely in the works behind the scenes. While Greater Media is falling short of announcing that Severin and WTKK are officially filing for divorce, the station's latest programming action is either an attempt to drive away whatever is left of his fandom during its afternoon drivetime or create a high demand among his followers for Severin's return.

For the first few weeks of Severin's suspension, the station brought in live fill-in hosts like former Howie Carr producer Doug 'VB' Goudie, NYC-based syndicated nighttimer Curtis Sliwa, Florida-based conservative Todd Schnitt and Philly-based national talker Michael Smerconish. However, in recent days, there has been a shift to fill Severin's afternoon slot with syndicated filler which is not even live. And, in what seems to be a very odd business decision on their part, WTKK is now airing Michael Smercnish's nationally syndicated show on tape-delay from 3 to 5pm(the show feeds live from Noon-2pm) and then repeating it from 5 to 7pm. Perhaps there's an explanation to this strategy but no one is saying anything right now. WTKK which is already having problems under the new PPM system maybe making it even harder for itself to climb out of a hole.

Stay tuned.

BRW Notebook :

The DMB alert : The Dave Matthews Band which is rocking out Fenway Park this weekend will host its own music channel on Sirius XM. DMB will be broadcast on the "Jam On" channel, Sirius Channel 17 and XM Channel 56, and will debut at noon Monday and run through 3 a.m. on June 8. The launch of the channel coincides with the band's release of its latest studio album, "Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King," which will be released worldwide Tuesday.

Knock, knock...Who's there?...1990's : Music radio's contribution in the 1990's? You really have to dig around among tons crap like "Macarena", "Ice Ice Baby", Chumbawamba, Right Said Fred, Aqua, etc. You get the idea. But, some of the better stuff that came out of the 1990's we'll be playing at Radio 92.9FM's annual Earthfest at the Hatch Shell tomorrow from Noon to 5pm.

Sports shorts : "Sports Blast with Joey Murr" heard on WBNW AM 1120 every weekday from 6am to 8am is spreading alll over the dial. The show will now be heard on 890 ESPN Boston starting this Sunday(5/31) at Noon.

I'm just sayin'...: While there is still no official announcement as to where Boston Bruins' radio home will be on the local dial come 2009/2010 season, in Pittsburgh, the Penguins just re-upped with their flagship modern rocker WXDX 105.9FM for six more years. An interesting wrinkle to the Pens' deal is the creation of all-Penguins station on WXDX's HD subchannel. With the renewed interest in the B's this past season, can we see a similar all-Bruins-all-the-time HD channel around here if one the local FMers gets on board under a new deal? Or is there a new FM sports talker in the making?

Going for the record : Community radio is alive and kicking. Suburban WDIS AM 1170 in Norfolk, Mass will be covering World’s Longest Baseball Game. Station's sports director Jim Lucas will be broadcasting the complete and uninterrupted play by play from McMorrow Field on Randall Road starting at 8 a.m. on June 6th and ending at 8 P.M. on June 7th. The game and the broadcast will run for 36 straight hours. Since WDIS has a daytime only signal, after the station goes off the air at sunset, the broadcast will be fullly available on-line on station's website The game will break all records for the length of play and WDIS will hold the record for the longest ever baseball broadcast.

Everybody is out for themselves : Tough days in the media advertising world these days. feels puzzled after hearing WRKO's spot which kicks the newsprint business while it's falling. Call it Boston media's Battle Royale.

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No sooner do you post this that there is a resolution!

See WTKK web site....