Friday, March 27, 2009

Boston radio legend Larry Glick dies

254-5678....One of Boston radio's true greats Larry Glick passed away last night at the age of 87. Glick retired from Boston radio in 1992 but in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s he was a household name with a cult-like following among late night radio buffs with his overnight talk show reaching close to 40 states and eastern Canada thanks to the powerful, clear-channel WBZ AM 1030’s 50,00watt signal.

Glick was born in Roxbury and drove a cab while studying radio at Emerson College. After his graduation in 1948, he began radio career working for WLMH radio in Laconia, NH.

Most of the 1950's Glick worked in sales and management jobs at stations in the Jacksonville, FL market. In 1958, he bought a weak FM station WZOK-FM in Jacksonville. His first big on-air job came in 1960 when became a talk show host at Miami's WINZ AM. He came to Boston four years later as host of a talk show on WMEX AM 1510. After a dispute with management, he signed on with WBZ in 1967.

WBZ AM where Glick worked until 1987 is
reporting this morning that he passed away after undergoing 10 hours of open heart surgery in Florida where he lived since his retirement. During his WBZ tenure Glick worked mostly overnight shift but later moved to other dayparts including evenings and mid-afternoons.

In 1987, Glick parted ways with WBZ when he accepted a very lucrative 5-year offer from a rival WHDH AM 850(now WEEI) to host 10pm to 2am show. However, due to a non-compete clause in his WBZ contract, Glick had to sit out a full year. While waiting on the sidlines between radio jobs, and being paid by WHDH, Glick launched a popular cable access "The Larry Glick Show" carried by most local cable systems.

After retiring from WHDH in May 1992, Glick retired to Boca Raton,Florida where he worked as a greeter at Legal Seafoods.

Glick was also a US Army veteran. He actually re-enlisted in the late early 50's to take a job as a country music DJ at Armed Forced Radio in Munich, Germany.

WBZ has set up a
tribute page where Glick's former listeners can leave comments and memories of the great radio host.

BRW Notebook :

Harvard radio adds Iphone app : The latest local radio station to be heard via Iphone is Harvard Radio's WHRB 95.3FM. The student-staffed and operated radio station released their new iPhone App today. The application allows iPhone users to listen to a live stream of WHRB’s broadcast from anywhere in the world. The stream is among the most high-quality streams available for iPhone users, at 64kbps. The app is available to download for free in the iTunes app store and via iPhones anywhere in the world.

General Manager Joseph Poirier of WHRB commented on the release of the iPhone app: “I’m very excited to see where this app can take WHRB. I’m pretty sure we are the first college radio station in the country to release an iPhone app dedicated to streaming our programming, so I look forward to seeing WHRB lead the way for other college stations when it comes to exploring new audiences.”

Boston sports media madness : Comcast SportsNet's 3rd annual Media Madness tournament is now into Elite 8 which runs thru Tuesday(3/31) and then off to semi's and the Finals later next week. WEEI's midday co-host Michael Holley and afternoon king Glenn Ordway are among the Elite 8 pairings which can be viewed here.

Rolodex update : Former WBCN and WFNX personality Nik Carter is now heard on NYC's rock station WRXP-FM 101.9FM in the afternoons from 3 to 7pm. Carter was at WXRK/Krock since July 2005 but the station converted to a Top 40 earlier this month and Carter was out of a job. Carter, a Camridge native, was with WFNX from 1987 to 1995 and WBCN from 1996 to 2004.

Radio on TV : "Free Radio" is on its way back. Comedian Lance Krall will return as the "moronic" morning deejay on VH1's "Free Radio" 11 p.m. this coming Thursday(4/2). The improvisational cable television comedy chronicles the story of Lance (Krall), a radio show intern who answers his call to greatness by filling the role of host of the popular L.A. morning show "Moron in the Morning," after the original host defects to satellite radio. The second season's debut will feature Ed Helms ("The Office"), Dominic Monaghan ("X Men Origins: Wolverine") and comedian Neil Hamburger. Other celebrities scheduled to appear this season include Kathy Griffin, Emily Procter, John Stamos, Bai Ling, Hank Azaria, David Cook and Akon.

Living in the Stern shadow : Speaking of radio personalities who defected to satellite radio, an absolutely great article in the NY Daily News this week on what the loss of Howard Stern meant to the industry, CBS Radio and more specifically to his former flagship rock station WXRK/Krock which got flipped to a Top 40 format on March 11.


Anonymous said...

An absolutely wonderful man.

Boston Radio Watch said...

That was a classy, quick shout-out to the Commander on your Big Show open today, Jim. Nice touch.

Larry played one of the funniest Borscht Belt stuff ever made - "You Don't Have To Be Jewish/When You're In Love The Whole World Is Jewish". I never got tired of it whenever I heard it.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the deal from WHDH was for a "5 year contract"....

More like 2 years (...after the 1 year non-compete).

Anonymous said...

Why doesnt that article mention what his contract is doing to Sirius?

Howard is great at what he does, but him leaving isn't the sole reason that revenue is down, it's not even the majority. Ad revenue was going down with or without howard.

Anonymous said...

I saw the same mistake in the Globe but I thought that a blog specifically about radio would have picked it up.

Larry worked in Laconia NH at
WL-N-H not WL-M-H

How hard is that?