Thursday, February 19, 2009

Boston hosts talk themselves onto radio's "Heavy 100"

Talkers Magazine, a trade journal for news/talk radio, has named Boston's three afternoon talk hosts to its annual "Heavy Hundred," a list of the 100 most important radio talk show hosts in the country. WRKO AM 680's Howie Carr(56), WTKK 96.9FM's Jay Severin(57) and WEEI AM 850's Glenn Ordway(87) are in some pretty powerful company - the list includes such big names as Rush Limbaugh(1), Sean Hannity(2), Michael Savage(3) and, yes, even Howard Stern(32). The magazine describes Carr as "The dean of Boston talk radio. Huge revenue generator in PM drive". Severin got your standard conservative billing - "Republican political operative with strong afternoon drive numbers in Boston". And, WEEI's Big O scored "Host of Boston sports outlet's ratings and revenue monster "The Big Show" Regionally syndicated."

Criteria for the list, according to the magazine, include ratings, longevity, impact, courage, effort and talent.

In addition, on the name-only "honorable mention" list of the #101-250 talk shows hosts, other Boston personalities showed up - WEEI's Gerry Callahan and John Dennis, WTKK's Michael Graham, Jim Braude and Margery Eagan, WRKO's Todd Feinburg and Tom Finneran. (Ed. Note : It's somewhat unexplainable as to how Finneran was chosen(he doesn't match any of the criteria above) and WBZ AM 1030's Dan Rea who hosts an excellent "Nightside" show was left out of the Talkers survey. Go figure.)


Anonymous said...

Look how far idiots Opie and Anthony fell. Hacks go home!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, OK "Finniefellon" gets the nod, but Jordan Rich, who has been keeping people company overnight at WBZ for years, gets ... nada.

Sounds to me like Talkers is just becoming more and more the rest of the industry.

Thanks for your good work on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Funny how they leave off the most successful Boston radio hosts Tom and Ray Magliozzi. Car Talk is followed all over the world---successful for many years now