Monday, January 12, 2009

Raines rows down the River

Former WZLX 1007.FM(2002-2005) and WROR 105.7FM(1999-2002) program director Beau Raines is back in the Boston radio market. As of today, he's the new morning drive-time voice on Haverhill's AAA WXRV/The River 92.5FM as well the station's new Program Director. The longtime industry veteran takes over for Ron Bowen who left the station last June.

After leaving WZLX-FM's programming post at the end of 2005, Raines has been programming and working as everning host at AAA KQMT-FM/"The Mountain 99.5" in Denver. But he was let go due to budget cuts at the Entercom-owned station this past October.

Raines started his radio career in high school at on his native Long Island, N.Y. While attending Northeastern University in the late 60's, he worked as a technician at then-Top 40 WRKO AM 680. He started his professional career as a DJ in Manchester, N.H. He nearly 40-year career includes on-air stints and programming jobs in Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Fall River, Mass., Portland, Maine, Miami, St. Louis, Tampa, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Boston(WROR and WZLX), Denver and now Boston again.


Anonymous said...

Good luck to him working for that station. It's a revolving door of programmers.

Anonymous said...

Don't these stations get it that it continuity, Stupid. It doesn't work when there is chaos and a sense of insecurity. Dabbling with radio hosts is like dabbling in the stock market. It's all psychological and if a host may be not brilliant, but he's a familiar voice and that's important to a listener. Plus, the problem isn't the hosts, it's the damned lousy music that these stations insist on playing. There is no depth, no knowledge being passed along, no reason to listen. They should try going back to a modernized version of the old WBCN, in the days of Charles Laquidara et al, you know the 60's, the 70's. Make it all interesting so people tune in to learn and listen, not just make the drive time pass.

Anonymous said...

He's a damn sight better than Ron Bowen was. I've noticed a big difference in some different music being played in the last week. Hopefully he continues with adding in stuff you don't normally hear and not just constantly play Jack Johnson and Coldplay (the most overrated band in the WORLD)...although both of them continue to get airplay.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to drop in and say that Boston is so very lucky to get a talent like Beau Raines. A class act, with a vision for great AAA - Go Beau!

RockRoll360 said...

First of all I like to say It sucks not getting any AAA radio here in Rhode Island -

2nd I like to say WXRV which is probably the best radio station here in New England
but should follow suit with even better radio stations playlist like the following
three best stations in the country.

- My opinion KBCO in Denver / WTTS in Indianapolis or WXRT in Chicago.

Missing great music stations here in Boston - But we do have Freeform BCN on
WZLX - 100.7 HD 3 to carry us for now - - Thanks to Sam Kopper
1st radio programmer & DJ at WBCN 104.1 in the beginning during 1968.

But it is also another station I can't receive here in Northern Rhode Island.
I'm going nuts not having a great AAA Radio station .

Classic BCN of 1968 through 1990 - I miss you.

Othrewise don't forget my show for an eclectic taste in music on WLSO.FM