Saturday, January 10, 2009

Matty : Will I be back?

Job cuts at Clear Channel's local radio stations could be on the way as the nation's largest radio company copes with a decline in advertising revenue. After just-concluded general managers meeting in Dallas, the layoffs could be on tap for all Clear Channel markets nationwide. Boston is no exception. Some media reports suggested that Clear Channel could eliminate 20% of its workforce this month alone.

As Kiss 108 prepares to celebrate its 30th birthday this year, even station's longtime and top-rated morning personality Matt Siegel questioned his and other staffers' job security as the rumors of more layoffs could be coming next week. As he was signing off to go on vacation, on his Thursday's show (1/8), Siegel openly wondered whether a more difficult economy, with little growth and a squeeze on advertising revenue could affect jobs at Kiss 108.

Listen for yourself. Here's the clip.

BRW Notebook :

WBZ's Santos is retiring : As first tipped in this space yesterday, WBZ's longtime sportscaster and the voice of the Patriots for 32 years, Gil Santos is calling it quits to a truly amazing sports radio career in his own hometown market. Santos who has called all three Patriots's SuperBowl wins is the dean of NFL radio play-by-play with calling team's fortunes from 1966 to 1979 and from 1991 to present. He joined WBZ as fulltime sportscaster in 1971. Despite some media reports linking his exit to recent budget cuts at the CBS-owned news/talker, Santos is retiring on his own terms according to a number of reliable sources within the Boston media. He will stay on as the Patriots play-by-play voice on WBCN 104.1FM as his relationship with the Kraft family which owns the NFL team, continues to be extremely tight. [Ed.Note : It's still unknown when he'll officially sign off from WBZ's morning drive news but it would only be appropriate for him stick around at WBZ thru the wire-to-wire coverage of the 2009 Boston Marathon on Monday, April 20th since it happens to be...what else?!...Patriots Day in Massachusetts. Interestingly enough, Santos was born and married on Patriots Day.]

I-diss : Even radio people don't listen to radio anymore. WTKK 96.9FM's midday co-host Jim Braude apparetnly doesn't search for music on his employer's music FMs like WBOS or WROR. What does Braude tune in when he is in his car? What elese, but his I-pod...

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