Friday, October 10, 2008

Who Makes the Call? A Choice Along the Dial for Sox fans

When the American League Championship Series between the Sox and Rays begins tonight, two radio teams will also vie for listeners: Joe Castiglione and Dale Arnold, the Red Sox' team, and the ESPN Radio’s Jon Miller and Joe Morgan, who will be heard on WAMG AM 890.

When it comes to local sports, the hometown fans listen to the hometown announcers. Between the regular season and spring training, local announcers call over 170 games. Home broadcasters usually have a better feel for the team. On the other end, the national broadcasters usually provide less biased, more down the middle call backed up by more facts and stats since they don’t really get to see the teams on daily basis.

WRKO AM 680 will air every ALCS game, except for Columbus Day afternoon Game 3(on WEEI AM 850). WRKO will have the local version with Joe “Can You Believe It?!” Castiglione calling his 8th ALCS in 26 years on the Sox radio network. Dave O’Brien will not be in the Sox radio booth during ALCS as he one again will be working the TV feed for ESPN International. Glenn Geffner-bashers will be happy to know that WEEI’s midday host Dale Arnold gets the nod to sub for O’Brien in ALCS and, hopefully, in the World Series. John Rish will handle expanded one-hour pregame shows plus postgame talk.

Meanwhile, over on ESPN 890 Joe Miller who was the Sox voice alongside the late Ken Coleman from 1980-1982 will work his 11th straight ALCS on radio for ESPN Radio. His “Sunday Night Baseball” partner Joe Morgan will join him for their 9th consecutive radio call of ALCS. Miller left the Sox radio after the 1982 season and was succeeded by Castiglione the following spring.

Game 1 Sox at Rays Fri Oct. 10 8:37pm WRKO AM 680, ESPN Radio(AM 890)
Game 2 Sox at Rays Sat Oct. 11 8:07pm WRKO AM 680, ESPN Radio(AM 890)
Game 3 Rays at Sox Mon Oct. 13 4:37pm WEEI AM 850, ESPN Radio(AM 890)
Game 4 Rays at Sox Tue Oct. 14 8:07 pm WRKO AM 680, ESPN Radio(AM 890)
Game 5 Rays at Sox Thu Oct. 16 8:07pm WRKO AM 680, ESPN Radio(AM 890)
Game 6 Sox at Rays Sat Oct. 18 4:37pm WRKO AM 680, ESPN Radio(AM 890)
Game 7 Sox at Rays Sun Oct. 19 8:07pm WRKO AM 680, ESPN Radio(AM 890)

BRW Notebook :

The best of college radio :
As mentioned in this space previously(BRW 9/25), Emerson’s WERS 88.9FM gets the prorps from national music channels reports
the Globe and Emerson’s Berkley Beacon.

The Champs are back! : The defending NBA Champions Boston Celtics returned to radio dial this past week. No changes in the Celtics radio booth as Grande and Max are back with the team. WEEI AM 850 began its preseason broadcast schedule this past Weneday with a loss to Philly at UMass Amherst. WEEI will air all C's pre-season games(winning a champship makes a difference) but without the 30-minute Celtics Tonight pregame show except next Friday's(10/17) game at the Garden.

How low can you go?! : Crash from afternoon's "Toucher and Rich" show on WBCN 104.1FM was holding a cheap gas promotion in Kingston yesterday afternoon. The station was sponsoring cheap gas giveaway at...duh!..$1.04 a gallon. [Ed. Note : Hey, I am all for publicizing cheap gas during crappy economic times but media consumers need to be aware. My beef is more with Ch.4 which has become a joke of TV news operations around here. Aren't Ch.4 and WBCN owned by the same media conglom? Was this Ch.4 report a manufactured PR tie-in to pump up some corporate synergy for a sister radio station doing this promo or a real news story? Ch.4 has been doing a lot of these artificial news pieces lately. It's a bad trend. It's crap TV news.]
You got anohter gig coming....: Former Ch.4 sportscaster Bob Lobel who has been moonlighning at Oldies 103.3 in the morning drive for the past three weeks, just added a new gig. Lobel has been named a columnist at's weekly sports magazine "OT". Remains to be seen if he'll be back on Oldies after his fourth week is up(my guess is no for many obvious reasons), but it sounds like he'll be more at home in the sports kingdom of empire than commenting on useless fluff like Dancing With The Stars during morning drive radio on the oldies station.

It's ovah! : And you don't have to tune in to Jay Severin, or any other conservative-leaning talker on the Boston dial, to tell you that T-Rex McCain can happily retire to whatever number of homes he owns.
It's for you, Mr. Siegel : As of this week, three Boston stations - Kiss 108, Jamn 94-5 and Rumba 1200 (all owned by Clear Channel) can now be heard via Apple's iPhone-oriented service. Great idea by conglom radio but industry vet Jerry Del Colliano thinks the Ipod/Iphone generation is not a reachable demo as far terrestrial radio goes. [Ed. Note : The guy has a point, the content still sucks for the most part. Who can disagree?! But at least this is more of a realistic strategy to gain some listeners than the farce called HD Radio.]

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