Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Summer ratings : WBZ is tops again, talkers WRKO and WTKK rank lower

A summer of presidential politics and political conventions didn't light a fire under ratings for Boston's two all-talk radio stations.

The big winner again in the summertime ratings was all-news/talk WBZ AM 1030, which finished No. 1 overall for the second straight survey period. The station had a 6.4 percent share of listeners during the summer ratings period of June 26 to Sept. 17.

Talker WRKO AM 680 finished in fifth place with a 4.7 percent share. That's down from a 5.3 share in the spring. Boston's other talk station, WTKK 96.9FM, finished 9th overall with a 3.5 share, down from a 4.0 in the spring.

The declining numbers for both WRKO and WTKK are somewhat surprising considering we’re in the hotly contested presidential race. Both stations can probably blame the weaker ratings on carrying too much right-leaning talk on their schedules. And in the election cycle when the listening public has definitely grown tired of the same old-same old political spin and seeking fresh ideas, there is simply not enough programming on either talk station without a particular political take.

Tied for No. 2 in the summer ratings period was rhythmic Top-40 station WJMN-FM/Jamn 94-5 and adult contemporary WMJX/Magic 106.7FM. Magic jumped nearly a full share among listeners ages 12 and over. Magic also finished #1 among Adults 25-54 while Jamn finished in No.1 spot among Adults 18-34 continuing its 7-year win streak in that demographic group.

Other notables from the summer book : WODS-FM/Oldies 103.3 jumped a full share from 9th to 6th as radio icon Dale Dorman exited into semi-retirement in mid-September…WBOS 92.9FM which dumped its entire airstaff and replaced the fickle adult album alternative format with the retro-heavy modern rock tunes of the 80’s and 90’s in late January finished with the same listening share as it did last summer. [Ed. Note : If you're a corporate radio suit, you must be smiling. Low-bottom, robotic, no live human radio presentation featuring the same overplayed tunes sure beats an expensive sports talk format, especially in this economy. Don't you think?! Brilliant!]

BRW Notebook :

Going to the candidate's debate.Laugh about it, shout about it. When you've got to choose Every way you look at this you lose : WTKK 96.9's midday team Jim Braude and Margery Eagan will host the only radio debate between U.S. Senator John Kerry and his Republican challenger Jeff Beatty on October 27 from 1pm–2pm....The third and final presidential debate and post-debate analysis will air on WTKK 96.9FM, WRKO AM 680, WBUR 90.9FM and WBZ AM 1030. WBZ will shift the Bruins-Canadiens game to sister-station WODS 103.3FM.

The most annoying radio personality? : That's easy. Mike Greenberg from "Mike and Mike" national morning show on ESPN Radio heard locally on ESPN 890. Not that his partner Mike Golic any less annoying, but Greenberg is the cheeziest radio personality today. Check this out.


Chris said...

It could be the fault of 'right-leaning' programming, because we've all seen the crash-and-burn from the left-leaning Air America. People may just not like too much 'lean' in either direction, but the rhetorical question is whether a radio talk show can succeed WITHOUT taking a side?

dbvader said...

Toucher and Rich claim that they were second in men 18-34, trouncing the Big Show. Any truth to that?

Anonymous said...

The closest anyone could come right down the middle was David Brudnoy. It worked for years as his ratings proved it.