Monday, April 21, 2014

Lost 45's have gone missing

The Lost 45's are going to be hard to find on local radio dial after host Barry Scott had aired his last show on WROR 105.7 a week ago(Apr.13). Boston's classic hits station has been home for the long-running local retro music radio program playing Top 40 hits from the 60's, 70's and 80's since September 2012(BRW 8/21/12). But the short-lived relationship has apparently ended after station's management decided that the weekly show wasn't meshing well with its Greatest Hits format, with a main focus on the 60's, 70's and 80's. Ironically, "Lost 45's" played a large number of those great hits, had great ratings, a strong listener support and loyal advertisers.

Scott's songs range from Sean Cassidy to Chic, and all are singles that had made it to the Top 40 or, at least, Top 100. The "classic hits" of 'ROR, on the other hand, are mostly off of classic albums by classic artists in the 60's, 70
s and 80's and are a bit more rock-leaning, not so much pop-oriented. In addition, Lost 45's playlist has been skewing a bit younger with its playlist for the past few years.  In contrast, WROR's typical playlist rotates about four songs an hour from the 60's and early 70's decade where as Lost 45's has actually been down to one 60's song per hour. Scott had also added all 80's titles, even some select charting tracks from 1990 under the guise they were recorded in 1989.

In addition to digging up old songs, he has aired some 800 interviews with plenty of relics like Bangles, Richard Marx, Expose, Lisa Lisa, Belinda Carlisle, Tears for Fears etc.

Scott would love to peddle it elsewhere locally, but this likely puts an end to 28+ year run on Boston's commercial FM radio, since no one else in the city fits format-wise. Lost 45's remains in syndication on over 25 stations across the country. In addition, it's hosted at its longtime digital address -- where it has aired on demand 24/7 since 1999. There you can hear every show from 2010-2014, as well as each new weekly show, “The Lost 45 of the Day” and classic shows. There is also a newsletter to find out the latest info on shows, concerts, music news and appearances.

Lost 45's has aired on Boston's commercial radio dial almost 
continuously since 1985. It has run on stations that are still around and some that are no longer in existence :

WZLX 100.7(September 1985-February 1992) 
WBOS 92.9(April 1992-May 1993)
WBMX 98.5(May 1993-July 1997)
WEGQ/Eagle 93.7(July 1997-April 1999) 
WROR 105.7 (May 2001-December 2001) 
WODS 103.3 (December 2001-June 2012) 
WROR 105.7 (September 2012-April 2013)

BRW Notebook :

Executive turntable : Clear Channel has announced that Alan Chartrand will become the Market President for Boston cluster overseeing the operations and programming of WXKS/Kiss 108, WJMN/JAMN 94.5, WEDX/Evolution 101.7, and WKOX/MIA 1430 stations. Chartrand who previously served as Vice President of Sales for Clear Channel's Boston cluster, has more than two decades of management experience at various Boston media outlets including being the owner and founder of WJMN and its format. He replaces Mary Menna who exits after three years in that role.

Movers and shakers : Cumulus Media has announced the appointment of Worcester/Boston radio pro Chuck Perks as its program Director and midday host of classic hits WWFX 100.1 FM “The Pike” in Worcester. Perks has been working for Cumulus Worcester in a part-time capacity, both on and off air, at WXLO 104.5, WORC 98.9 and 100.1 FM/The Pike”, prior to being brought on full time. He previously worked as Hub Headlines personality for the night show on Boston's 98.5 The Sports Hub/WBZ-FM and headlines reporter on the Boston Bruins Radio Network. He was also Production Director for Entercom Boston's sports talker WEEI 93.7 from 2000-2008, during which time he also worked weekends for sister station Star 93.7/WQSX for three years. Perks began his radio career in Worcester at WFTQ 1440.

And I ammmmmmmm outta here : Longtime Boston host , Michael Graham is headed south to Cumulus Atlanta cluster to be new talkshow host at All News 106.7 from 9 to noon. His final day on New England Talk Network and Boston Herald Radio will be April 25.  Graham hosted the daily talk show, The Natural Truth on defunct talker WTKK 96.9 from 2005 to 2012. He launched regionally syndicated show on New England Talk Network in February 2013 with WBNW 1120 in Needham as his flagship. The station now plans replace him with syndicated Glenn Beck show.

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