Friday, May 17, 2013

The new Hot 96.9 is putting on the heat in the April ratings

It's really no surprise to see contemporary hits (or Top 40) WXKS/Kiss 108 at No. 1 in the new ratings released Tuesday, but the newcomer - rhythmic adult contemporary WBQT/Hot 96.9 - grabs the headline because its No. 14 overall ranking gave it a 3.1 share and an average weekly reach of 633,000 listeners. For now, it also looks like that the risk to dump struggling FM Talker WTKK 96.9 four and half months ago appears to have paid off in a big way for its corporate owner – Greater Media.

Hot 96.9 launched on January 8th and is still in the process of building out its programming elements - and audience. Pebbles, Baltazar and Melissa have brought with them their loyal following from their former home down the dial – Jamn 94-5. In addition, another familiar name - DJ Roy Barboza now produces three weekday mix shows at Hot 96.9(8:50am, Noon and 4:30pm) on the station.

Overall, here were usual leaders in Arbitron’s Portable People Meter ratings in April – WXKS/Kiss 108, WBZ/NewsRadio 1030, WKLB/Country 102.5, WMJX/Magic 106.7 and classic rocker WZLX 100.7. That’s what you call stability at the top.

Worth noting #1: WEEI/SportsRadio 93.7 saw its share jump from 2.5 to 3.5 and weekly audience go from 370,000 in March to 615,000 in big part due to a surprisingly successful start for the Boston Red Sox. 

Worth noting #2 : After 10 months of being directly challenged by CBS Radio’s WODS/AMP 103-3, Clear Channel’s' Kiss108, the local Top 40 music powerhouse, continues to steamroll ahead as it remains market's top-rated station among listeners in all key demographics Obviously this summer will be a somewhat bigger test for Kiss 108 as AMP 103.3 is now fully staffed and gaining more exposure via promotions, contests and marketing campaigns. This brings us to the next point - Boston’s popular and contemporary music scene has grown exponentially over the past few months. You might even call it over-saturation. In addition to AMP, newcomers Evolution 101.7 and Hot 96.9 are also seeking attention of FM music (mostly younger) listeners. Not to mention, the familiar standbys like Jamn 94-5, Mix 104.1 and Magic 106.7 will also be in high gear during warm summer weather ahead. Of course, do stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

What a sad state of affairs that one market "needs" FIVE freakin' hip-hop stations on FM, with no decent "oldies" or FM talker anymore.

A pox on crAMP103.3 and sHot96.9!

Anonymous said...

they are all chasing the same demo market..and the sad thing is....that market is shrinking due to high tech,internet,ipod...they are driving away the people that actually listen to the radio and own a table radio in the about an find some sports talkers that are a little funny?

Anonymous said...