Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Michael Graham is out as NewsTalk96.9's local roster appears to be all talked out

The buzz of pending changes at Greater Media’s FM talker WTKK/NewsTalk 96.9 got a bit louder as station’s afternoon personality Michael Graham announced yesterday that his contract has not been renewed, thus ending his 7-year tenure at the station.

Graham, who had been at the station since October 2005, came to Boston from Washington, DC where he was fired from WMAL-AM. He was originally hired by WTKK to replace Jay Severin who left to do a nationally syndicated evening show for CBS Radio. After less than one year in syndication, the plug was pulled on Severin and WTKK brought him back to afternoons in October 2006 and Graham was shifted to middays. But when Severin was terminated in April 2011, Graham once again found himself as the afternoon replacement in August 2011.

Graham’s exit from WTKK follows the departure of Doug Meehan who left two weeks ago. That leaves morning drive's “Jim and Margery” as the only local show on WTKK’s weekday schedule but don’t bet any big money on it to come back in 2013. Rest of the weekend local paid-time programs such as Phantom Gourmet, Joe Liggotti, Cam and Barry Show, Josh Davis are all scheduled to air this coming weekend.

WTKK debuted its current talk format in September 1999. Recently, the station rebranded itself and added frequent news and information updates(BRW 9/4), but the newsier image didn't quite catch on with the talk radio crowd. The FM talker had the ho-hum showing in the most recent ratings as the crosstown rival WRKO 680 leaped over it during the all-important political campaign season.


Anonymous said...

WTKK should flip back to easy listening music as WJIB. The station had its highest rating for years with these calls and format

Anonymous said...

WJIB in on the air right now.
Tune in @ 740 AM

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous about returning to the easy listening format. Originally WTKK was a rock solid sophisticated talk radio station, but they've been decling since at least the '08 marktet crash and later, when they dropped Jay Severin over trumped up gender & racial insensitivity charges. Graham is good but has nowhere near the pulling power of Severin. Ditto for Jim & Margery and Doug Meehan. Is it any wonder that the station's ratings have been in decline?

On the other hand, putting in Kim Carrigan at 10am and following her with Howie Carr could pull in some nifty numbers if that were possible. One can only speculate on what might have been?


Anonymous said...

ME & JB are reminiscent of Burns & Allen.
Too bad they might go. ME asked listeners if anyone knew how to cook a rat. My cookbook had the recipe !!' BUT CARL FROM NH BUMPED ME!! That was years ago.

Anonymous said...

WTKK never learned how to build an audience during all day parts.
Jim Braude and Margery Egan also had their format chopped to bits and they were not allowed to stay on any one topic longer than 5 or 10 minutes. The PD must have thought she was programming an airhead morning magazine show. People who listen to talk have a better than average attention span.
Doug Meehan wasn't bad but he really gave you no reason to tune in.
Michael Smerconish is very good but I think the squeezed him into the wrong time slot for a semi-syndicated program,

Michael Graham "as in crackers" was a boring and predictable as the wing nuts over at WRKO.

Cardinal rule for successful talk radio is not to be either boring or predictable. Graham was both.

Moreover, heard yesterday that WRKO average demo is in the 73 age group. Well, I guess that is pretty close to Limbaugh's age and Howie Carr is at least 65 and lost much of his fast ball.

Talk about boring and predicatable - Howie Carr has been doing the same crappy program over and over again since he got into the contract fight with Entercom.

And who is WRKO's morning nut case. He makes Barnie Frank sound like Demosthenes. He must have come cheap. Still, Entercom must not pay him enough to stay on his meds. A complete looney tune who makes Michael Savage [ real name - Michael Weiner ] sound sane.

All of talk radio with the execption of the minor contribution of WBZ at night will be dead in a year.

Old Demographics that ad agencies don't want and boring and predictable right wing nut drivel.

Simply put, all current talk can say over and over and over again is "The DemoCrat party is bad and the Republican party is good." Why listen. I just told you everything you are ever going to hear on all day parts.

Dump commercial radio and buy Sirius radio.

Anonymous said...

People will always want to listen to Talk Radio. Especially in their cars. They will progressively not get it via Terrestrial Radio. Sat/WiFi,Podcasts will be the future.

These Talk Formats simply must have YOUNGER people doing compelling topics and it cannot all be politics. People's lives don't revolve around politics.

Anonymous said...

WBURis really the successful talk station in Boston. WBZ too, at night. I think between BUR, BZ, GBH, and RKO we are all set with talk radio.

Anonymous said...

All of you had better hope that talk radio never fails, cause the lame stream media will never report the truth when big government tries to do something thats un constitutional. By the way, everytime you say "right wing nut", you might as well be spitting in our Founding Fathers faces, because thats what we believe in, not the collective!

Anonymous said...

So true, Anonymous; the closer we get to Daniel's 70th Week, the more MSM will try to shut the true Conservatives down. Woe to them:( Our beloved Founding Fathers must be rolling over in their graves watching this nation being sad. :(

Anonymous said...

RKO is good but another talk station in the city is needed and you can't count BZ and forget about the NPR stations. Looking forward to the new talk station...

Anonymous said...

Sad that 96.9 talk is gone. Im not suprised. I usually diagree with most of what michael Graham said. Really miss jay sevrin