Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Boston's sports radio is set to quake : 93.7 to become WEEI's simulcast come Monday

Althought the official announcement will be made later on Thursday morning, the big buzz about Boston getting a second major FM sports radio outlet has been building since the first FM sports talker - WBZ 98.5/The Sports Hub came on the air two years ago. Aftetr the newcomer the SportsHub overtook WEEI in the ratings in all major key male listener target demographics a few months, the rumors began flying that Entercom might opt to simulcast its 20-year old sports talk WEEI AM 850 on one of its two FM outlets to better position itself in the sports radio batte and reverse the trend of losing its ratings and revenue to an FM sports competitor. The most likely candidates to provide that spot were variety WMKK 93.7/MikeFM  or rocker WAAF 107.3FM(also on WKAF 97.7FM). Both stations don't bring anywhere close to WEEI's revenue.

At 8am on Thursday, WEEI is going to officially announce that it will simulcast WEEI's programming on 93.7FM in Boston. The current MikeFM programming on 93.7FM which has been on the air since 2005 will end.

Now with the news this week that the SportsHub once again won the latest July ratings survey, WEEI's management is reacting fast and furious. Entercom hopes by putting its sports product on an FM outlet it would put WEEI on the equal footing with the SportsHub by being able to draw listeners from a yonger and wider male audience that strictly listens to radio on FM for music or sports.


Anonymous said...

My guess is that Mike got the ax because WAAF had some big contracts still to pay out for Greg Hill and Mistress Carrie got a 3 year extension.

Mike FM just had to can some button pushers and robots.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Mike FM programming will move over to WAAF/WKAF. Mike's programming does better in the ratings than the old worn out WAAF

Anonymous said...

It's about time EEI did this. Seriously in every other market they simulcast on they are on the FM dial. Also they need all the help they can get, while they are still a formidable force in the market The Sports Hub is here to stay they are not a flash in the pan.

I really hope it works out because this market need both and can support both. EEI may take a hit in revenue and may lose some talent but they have some good young talent there and Holey, in particular, will be a great main personlality to build around.

Anonymous said...

The timing of the change for WEEI really smells of desperation after the last ratings book. It would have made far more sense to time the FM move with the beginning of the Red Sox or Celtics seasons or even with the telethon days to really pump up the publicity. Just bad management at Entercom Boston right now.

Anonymous said...

Mike on WAAF? Glad that you aren't the decision maker, radio has enough stupid suits making programming decisions.
Also, Once the baseball season is over, the ratings for WEEI will level off to the mediocre spot that it's in now. It's the programming, stupid

Anonymous said...

It would be a wise business move to move Mike to WAAF. Mike is cheaper to run then the WAAF staff, and it is time to force the aging Greg Hill and Co. into retirement. Very few miss the old WBCN and even fewer would miss the out dated WAAF

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised if, before too long (read: before the start of baseball's post-season), WAAF loses it's 107.3 signal to a simulcast of 93.7 (with 'AAF being heard only at 97.7), and that WEEI leaves AM, heard on FM at 93.7/107.3 instead.

Such a move would mean a stronger WEEI signal in Central Massachusetts, and could allow Entercom to use 850 Boston/1440 Worcester as 24/7 ESPN Radio outlets with occasional "overflow" play-by-play from 93.7/107.3.

It also means Entercom won't need WCRN-830's big 50,000 signal to "fill in the gaps" in Metrowest and Central Massachusetts for Red Sox games.

With 'CRN's transmitter a little more than 40 miles west of Boston, 'CRN could end up becoming a New York Yankees' radio affiliate next season.

IIRC, radio stations outside of a 35-mile radius of Boston can carry local radio broadcasts of any Major League baseball team, which could open-up WCRN as a Yankees' radio affiliate that would have a strong signal in much of the Boston area.

Anonymous said...

Today is the Day!

I was waiting to see how long it would be until I had to turn off your station again. Well, today is the day, less than 5 weeks before the election. I guess you just can't help yourselves, feeling the need to bash Democrats (calling them stupid). You assumed that all of the players that claimed bankruptcy must be Obama supporters, as they didn't know they would be taxed on their income.

They were in the 1% before their fall, so how can you be sure they weren't Republican? It is unfortunate that you feel the need to insult 1/2 of you're listening audience with your biased political opinions rather than just broadcasting sports news (which I find you to be very knowledgeable of).

Just a reminder....last time I checked the map Massachusetts was still a blue state. I am not faulting freedom of speech but I will not support your station again until after the election.