Thursday, July 14, 2011

Five more years of Matty

Clever, offbeat, self-deprecating humor has been Matt Siegel's hallmark since he arrived in Boston in mid-1970's when he landed at WBCN 104.1. In early 1981, Siegel joined WXKS 107.9/Kiss 108 where he has been ever since. Over the past three decades, Siegel has seen musical trends come and go but he has managed to stay highly successful and very relevant to his morning listeners.

Siegel's recent ratings among the station's core demographic - women 18-34 and 25-54 - are even higher today than they were at any time of his career. Today, the station announced that Siegel has signed on for five more years as host of "Matty In the Morning".

Siegel celebrated his 30-year anniversary at Kiss 108 on January 12th. Clear Channel's official press release can be read here.

BRW Notebook :

SportsHub dumps WEEI over the boards : Stanley Cup Final doesn't exactly set the national TV ratings on fire, but don't badmouth hockey around WBZ-FM/98.5 the SportsHub.

Hockey has been very, very good for the SportsHub - and it wasn't just the Bruins playoff games in evenings that lifted the station to a record-high 5.2 percent share of the overall audience 6 and older in last month's Arbitron ratings. The SportsHub absolutely walloped all-sports 20-year mainstay WEEI 850 in every day part - mornings, middays, afternoon drive, nights.

The SportsHub held an even bigger lead in the male 25-54 age demographic that is the prime advertising measurement for both stations. The SportsHub did a 8.8 share overall in that demo during spring quarter and ranked number one. WEEI had 5.1 and tied for sixth place.

WEEI had to expect that, but it was during the day where its erosion, and the SportsHub's charge, were most noticeable and troublesome. More problematic signs for WEEI are actually in the middays(10am-2pm) where "Gresh and Zo" dominated newcomers "Mutt and Merloni" in every male listener demo. Midday shift typically serves as a bridge between morning and afternoon shows. A weak midday show can absolutely destroy the audience flow throughout the day.

"Mutt and Merloni" debuted in early March as the replacement for well-established "Dale and Holley"(BRW 2/25) and, to be kind, the show has been a work in progress. They sound like what one gets when combining two sports-media pros with little big market radio experience. (By contrast, Gresh and Zolak counter with a lot more energy, and bring more personal experience to the table.). Where Merloni is excellent breaking down X's and O's of baseball as that's his area of expertise, he becomes absolutely halting when the topics turn to other pro sports.

[Ed. Note : The question is, can with the Bruins season now in the rear view mirror, can WEEI recover some momentum and close the gap?  With the Red Sox in the playoff hunt and being the only game in town, at least until NFL decides to get back to work, it may be too early to declare the game over.]

There could even more good news for the SportsHub in a couple of months - The National Association of Broadcasters just  announced the finalists for the 2011 NAB Marconi Radio Awards honoring radio stations and on-air personalities for excellence in broadcasting. 98.5 the SportsHub has been nominated in the Sports Station of the Year category. There could be some better news for WEEI 850, too. Its morning team "Dennis and Callahan" has been nominated in the Major Market Personality of the Year.

Marconi award winners will be announced on Sept. 15 at the NAB Marconi Radio Awards Dinner and Show to be held in Chicago.


Anonymous said...

I don't know how Sports Hub does it. I've tuned in several times in the last year and I just can't stand it. I'm an EEI guy all the way I guess. I still like their line up.

Anonymous said...

It warms ones heart to see Julie, Jason and gang humbled. These turns of events just validate what most people, including their employees always thought. That they were both way overrated.

Anonymous said...

Gresh and Zo are terrible. One is a blowhard and the other is completely non-sensical. The fact that WEEI can't put together something to beat these hacks speaks VOLUMES.

Anonymous said...

Dennis and Callahan are on EEI, not sports hub. Insulting to sports hub to be associated with those hacks across the street.

Anonymous said...

I switched to the Sports Hub because I couldn't stand D&C and their not so subtle racism and extreme cynicism. Unfortunately, I have had to switch back to WEEI because ALL THEY TALK ABOUT IS HOCKEY. Hockey is a joke. It is dead last in the four major sports, and nobody cares about it. To dedicate a station to hockey shows the lack of talent the "Sports" Hub has. Right now they should switch their name to the Hockey Hub.


how can a show that spews hate all am be nominated for anything. the minute the show fails:It will be a brighter day in Boston.