Tuesday, January 11, 2011

WTKK drops Imus, expands its local morning show

After 17 and a half years on Boston airwaves, syndicated talk show host Don Imus is going to have to look for another on-air home in town and he's not likely to find one.

Talk radio station WTKK 96.9 announced this morning that will expand its "Jim & Margery" morning show by an hour which in turn will completely eliminate the first hour of Imus' nationally syndicated live program from the station's line-up starting Thursday, Jan.13th. As you recall, 15 months ago WTKK cut Imus' live show from 3 hours down to 1(BRW 10/2/09) as it moved Jim Braude and Margery Eagan from middays to mornings(7am-10am). Even Imus' encore hour which has aired between 5am and 6am will now be replaced by an extra encore hour of overnight host Phil Hendrie who will be heard from 1am to 6am(live from 1am to 4am) on WTKK.

Imus show moved to WTKK 96.9 from sports talker WEEI 850 on August 23, 1999 and at time helped to anchor the launch of a brand new FM talk format which replaced smooth jazz in September 1999. Prior to switching Boston frequencies, Imus aired on WEEI for six years(July 12, 1993 to August 20,1999). At WEEI, he was replaced by the current morning drive "Dennis and Callahan" show. Ironically, Tom Baker who's been managing WTKK 96.9 since December 2008, green lighted the decision to replace Imus with a local show at WEEI in 1999.

BRW Notebook :

Spanning the Globe to bring you the constant variety of...talk : Among other programming changes at WTKK this week, the station has added Paris,France-born, Chicago-based talk show host Simon Badinter to the Sunday night 7pm-10pm previously held by retired Eddie Andelman. Chicago Radio and Media website reports that Banditer will host the show on WTKK 96.9 as well as his home station WGN 720 in Windy City.

Not a bad deal : WBMX/Mix 104.1 midday host Erin O'Malley has re-upped for a two-year deal to stay with adult Top40 station. Not part of the new radio deal for O'Malley, who's been working middays at Mix since January 2001, is Valentine's Day wedding on the beach in Mexico. Congrats!


Anonymous said...

Now there's no reason to listen to WTKK in the morning. Thank you, 790AM!

Anonymous said...

In total agreement with you. No reason at all to listen Extending the Phil Hendrie show is unreal. That is unbearable. I can't stand the stupidity of that show..

Anonymous said...

No reason to listen to this station any longer! First, Imus, and now, Jay!

Anonymous said...

as much as I like and respect Imus his show has become almost all commercials.