Tuesday, January 25, 2011

WBUR Announces New Co-Host for "Radio Boston"

Boston University's WBUR 90.9 announced this morning that Anthony Brooks will be joining Meghna Chakrabarti as the new co-host on station's weekday news magazine "Radio Boston"(3pm-4pm) starting Monday, January 31st. BU's official press release is here. Chakrabarti was named the show's new host last May but recently returned from a 4-month maternity.

New PD for Rush Radio 1200

Former WTKK 96.9 program director Paula O'Connor is landing as a new program director for talker WXKS/Rush Radio 1200 and will also oversee sister station WKOX/Mia 1430. O'Connor was WTKK 96.9's program director since its launch in September 1999 until she was let go in May 2007. Prior to her stint at WTKK 96.9, she spent many years at WRKO 680 as a producer for Boston legendary talkshow hosts David Brudnoy and Jerry Williams at WRKO 680. As for Bill George who has been overseeing Rush Radio 1200 since its launch last March, he'll return to his full time duties at Providence's talker WHJJ 920.

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James said...

Thus again the great radio brains are pulling at straws trying to find out why their ratings stink. Ive seen it all before. Good Luck !