Monday, December 20, 2010

Oedipus to jingle on Christmas Eve again

The Boston radio tradition continues. As he did last year(BRW 12/11/09), legendary Boston radio DJ and programmer, Oedipus will return to WFNX 101.7's studios in Lynn to host his annual Christmas Eve show this Friday night(12/24) from 6pm to Midnight, it was announced today. He started this tradition back in 1978 while working as a night time DJ at now-defunct WBCN 104.1. Here's the press release from WFNX :

WFNX is the home of Oedipus' Legendary Christmas Eve Show

Boston’s WFNX-FM will again be broadcast this year’s edition of the long-running Christmas Eve show hosted by legendary radio personality and programmer Oedipus. As always, it will feature music from Oedipus’ carefully cultivated collection of holiday music, along with other exclusive Christmas-themed surprises.

Last year was the first year Oedipus made WFNX his official Christmas Eve home, it had been a fixture on the station’s now-defunct rival WBCN.

“Once again, a Boston tradition continues on WFNX.” Oedipus said. “How appropriate that this unique Christmas music is heard on Boston ’s only Alternative. Every year I look forward to sharing these songs that can be heard nowhere else.”

When asked about his Christmas Eve tradition, Oedipus stated “I’ve Been doing it for 30 odd years (yes, I started as a young boy) and is a Boston tradition for many. I collect Christmas music and pride myself on playing the most unique Christmas music on any dial and guarantee not to play any of those songs that if you heard one more time you would kill yourself. The show is wildly eclectic, mixing every type of music imaginable, truly Alternative. The show is all about peace, love and understanding, nothing cynical or negative. It’s for people wrapping presents, having parties or sexing it up under the tree. One listener reads her Dickens during the show every year. Another couple open gifts. I don’t talk a great deal but do tell some stories of Christmas. Did you know that Christmas was actually banned in Boston for part of the 17th century? In the early days, the Christmas holidays were actually a bacchanalian debauchery and much too rowdy for the Puritans. I have Bono reading a Christmas poem and Dylan reciting ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. The show is live and I create it as the show develops, blending songs as I hunt thru the 90+ CDs that I bring into the studio. Over the years it has primarily been 6 hours, 6pm Christmas Eve until midnight Christmas morning. I, alone in the studio, bring in Christmas with the listeners. It’s been commercial free as commerce really doesn’t make sense, but there has been the occasional sponsorship: This commercial free Christmas is made possible by...”

BRW Notebook :

Andelman to retire : Boston sports radio listeners are about to lose their quarterback. Eddie Andelman, 74, who has entertained and amused generations of Boston radio listeners for more than four decades is set to retire after his last show on WTKK 96.9 this coming Sunday night(12/26). Since the incidential inception of the "Sports Huddle" in June 1969 on WUNR 1600, Andelman has been a permanent fixture on Boston sports radio landscapde. He co-hosted the super popular Sports Huddle with two of his friends - Mark Witkin and Jim McCarthy - from 1969 to 1993 on a number of local signals - WUNR 1600, WBZ 1030, WHDH 850 and WEEI 590/850.

When WEEI 590 decided to drop its news format and go all-sports in September 1991, the station made a move to wrest Andelman and his Sunday night show from WHDH 850. Ironically, WEEI's sports format moved to the 850 frequency in August 1994.

Andelman's 10-year run at WEEI ended with his sudden exit in December 2001 as the Patriots were marching to their first Super Bowl title. His contract at WEEI wasn't renewed. He joined WEEI's then-challenger WWZN/Zone 1510 in March 2002 but the struggling local sports format finally collapsed in October 2005. In April 2006, Andelman relaunched the weekly "New Sports Huddle" with a former ESPN producer Bill Fairweather as co-host on WTKK 96.9. The station hasn't made any official announcement as what will air in its Sunday's 7-10pm block after Andelman ends his program. Andelman's three sons have been also hosting their own Phanthom Gourment show on WTKK every Saturday afternoon since April 2007.

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