Thursday, November 11, 2010

Report : WTKK doesn't renew McPhee

Year-end is a tricky time in radio business. On-air personalities' contracts are up for renewal in some cases. It's also the time when top management crunches out stations' budgets and revenue projections and decides who stays and who goes.

One of those personalities who won't be returning to her job in 2011 is WTKK 96.9's evening talk host Michele McPhee. According to a published report in the Boston Herald, WTKK 96.9's management elected not to renew her contract.

In April 2007, Stoneham native and East Boston resident, McPhee, was added to WTKK's weekday line-up when syndicated Don Imus self-destrcuted on-air and was fired for his infamous 'nappy-headed hoes' remark. McPhee, former crimer reporter with the Boston Herald and New York Daily News and a book author, began hosting a 2-hour midday(10am-Noon) show on 96.9 after Mike Barnicle was shifted to the vacant morning drive slot. McPhee also kept her regular Saturday morning show which she has hosted since joining the station in 2006. WTKK gave her a new evening show(7-10pm) in January 2008. The show expanded to four hours a year later.

According to her statement on her Facebook site, she plans to honor her contract and work thru the end of the year.


raccoonradio said...

And as you noted on twitter right now someone else is being piped in and she is off the WTKK website

Boston Radio Watch said...

Yes, as RacoonRadio noted, she was no longer on the air tonight.

The classic radio rule, though, is that once hosts/jocks are gone, they're gone - not even so much because they might badmouth the station/management as because there's no need in reminding listeners what they won't be getting any more

Lynnrockets said...

Michele, we hardly knew ye'.
Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant move by WTKK.

Anonymous said...

another political attack from lynnrockets, eh?

do you like ANY conservatives? or are you a non-thinking knee-jerk jerk?

Michael Augustyniak said...

Michele will be greatly missed! What was WTKK thinking?

Anonymous said...

If there's a smart programmer out there (there must be one left somewhere) he or she will get Michele under contract soon.

96.9 has the shell of what was once IMUS in the morning, a blow hard in Broudy, (sp?) Michael (the master of self promotion) Graham, Severin (the neutered him years ago) and now nothing in the evening.

Anonymous said...

Basically, her voice sucks and she reminds people of a nagging mother. The topics were interesting but hey that's radio.