Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jimmy Myers exits WTKK after rejecting station's financial offer

One of Boston's most outspoken media personalities Jimmy Myers has ended his run on Greater Media's WTKK 96.9 after four years of hosting a regular Sunday afternoon show. Myers and the station management weren't able to agree on a new financial agreement where he would essentially revenue-share time on WTKK. Over his three decades in radio and TV, Myers, 62, has worked as an anchor and host at WBZ 1030, Fox 25, WEEI 590, WILD 1090, WTKK 96.9, ESPN and WWOR in New York.

He hosted his last Sunday show(2pm-5pm) at WTKK 96.9 on October 31.

Here's the official statement from Myers' agent Robert A. Faneuil :

9:30 PM EST November 9, 2010

Two weeks ago the management of WTKK informed Jimmy and me that that they loved his work and the quality of his shows. They also told the same to his many followers, who have contacted the station. The station management at a meeting with Jimmy advised him that due to thedifficult financial times it was changing the financial structure ofits weekend programming. Management made him me an offer which was unacceptable to him. After much deliberation Jimmy has made thedecision to leave the station and to pursue other avenues in the media world. Jimmy and I will be grateful to Phil Redo, who hired him at WTKK; and both Grace Blazer, the program director, and Tom Baker, the general manager. The listeners should know that if the station had made Jimmy a more palpable offer, he would have stayed at WTKK. Jimmy is proud of his many great shows, two of which are now in National Congress Library of Archives. We can not forget that in a live holiday broadcast Jimmy brought together soldiers in Iraq and their families; or his show with Governors Wilder and Patrick. Jimmy was a voice of reason on the station. Whether he agreed or disagreedwith the views of the listeners, he allowed them to speak their mindand engaged in an open dialogue with them.

Jimmy's website is


MediaFan said...

I think Myers had an impossible job at WTKK. Myers was a voice somewhere between moderate and democratic-leaning on a station that had decided to be totally Tea-Party Republican.

I could tell that Myers was frustrated by some of the extreme views of the regular callers on WTKK, but I also found him to be respectful of different views and he did cover the national political scene with a balanced viewpoint.

In all of his radio/TV jobs Myers always brings energy and passion - which is why I enjoy listening to him whether I agree with him or not.

I hope he'll find a new media home soon.

suzette said...

I miss Jimmy. You know what they say, when one door closes a better one opens. God bless you Jimmy.

Anonymous said...

re: think Myers had an impossible job at WTKK. Myers was a voice somewhere between moderate and democratic-leaning on a station that had decided to be totally Tea-Party Republican"

- Truer words never spoken.. Jimmy was a lone voice of decency on a station infested with morons and bigots from severin to graham who are quite at home at "wtkkk".
Even to so called " liberals" on that station generally buckle to conservative views often to as not to ruffle the bigots that are the audience.. I commend Jimmy for being tolerant of ignorant voices who called in and being a refreshing outspoken voice..
I will no longer be tuning into wtkk.. There is no longer a reason to with Jimmy gone- I wish him the best