Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bell, Lobel to RushRadio 1200
(updated on 11/04 : added offical press release)

Sunday morning sports radio listening options won't be just limited to WEEI 850 and WBZ-FM/SportsHub 98.5 beginning this weekend. The new talk station in town Rush Radio 1200 is adding two well-known local sports media personalities to its roster. Upton Bell and Bob Lobel will host a new Sunday 9am-11am show on Rush Radio 1200.

Lobel, 66, was of course the uber popular local sports anchor and reporter at WBZ-TV4 for 29 years. Back in 1976 he started as the afternoon sports reporter and later sports anchor at WBZ 1030. He also co-hosted “Calling All Sports” with Upton Bell in the late 70’s. He then moved over to WBZ's TV sports anchor desk in 1979. He also hosted the second incarnation of Calling All Sports when it returned to WBZ in the early 90’s when the radio station had the all-sports weekend block programming. He was let go from Channel 4 in the spring of 2008 when he contract was bought out by station's owner CBS TV. Since then had a brief stint with WODS 103.3 and now-defunct ESPN 890. Currently he hosts a weekly TV show called New England Sports Legends seen on a station called MyTV.

Bell, 72, former Patriots general manager, is best known as one of the Hub's most knowledgeable sports and talk personalities. Among Bell's long list of local media credits include stints on WBZ 1030's Calling All Sports" and WEEI' 590s "Sportsline." But he also has done general commentary for WHDH 850 and Channel 38 during the mid '80s. He's done daily non-sports shows in the Worcester market in the 1990's and on Boston's AM 1060 in the early 2000's.

Here's the offical release from WXKS 1200/Rush Radio :

WXKS-AM 1200: New Home to Sports Media Legends
Bob Lobel and Upton Bell

Bringing sports commentary back to its radio roots, Bob Lobel and Upton Bell are coming together to creates a show entirely focused on Boston sports and current events. After decades of interviewing sports titans from Larry Bird to Bobby Orr, the two are excited to bring their unique voices to the air waves yet again.

The show entitled “Upton & Lobel” will begin this Sunday, November 7th, and will run every Sunday from 9AM to 11AM.

The pair will be familiar to New England listeners who have grown to trust the broadcasters based on their independent projects. Lobel has previously served as a sports anchor for WBZ TV, was the host of Sports Final and Patriots 5th Quarter, and currently serves co-host of Sports Legends of New England (MyTV). Bell is known as the one-time General Manager of the New England Patriots as well as the co-host of SportsBeat (NECN) and a host on WCRN-Worcester.

Both longtime sports commentators and sports analysts, Bell and Lobel are two personalities’ people can trust to keep them not only entertained but engaged in local sports news. The pair is looking forward to bringing New England their personal flair to sports casting.

“New England is the sports center of the universe. So many dragons to slay, I do not know where to start, but I sure as hell know where to find them.” Bell said.

Lobel added, “I can not come close to that. Upton has been everywhere, met everybody and done everything. I am just happy to be in his presence, but remember this I control the show.”

Bill George, program director of WXKS-AM, said, “Upton and Bob are New England legends and I’m excited to welcome them to our team. We’re delighted to be able to help bring their combined wit and wisdom back to Boston radio.”



MediaFan said...

9am on Sunday is a little early for me for a sports show - especially during football season when there will be sports happening all throughout the day and evening.

Lobel/Bell have good chemistry so it could be entertaining to catch.

Norm said...

Sadly, the first show was a bit of a train wreck, particularly the segments with the 'sports update' producer. Bell and Lobel were practically being outright rude and beligerent while the kid was trying to read the headlines and scores.

Anonymous said...

what ever happened to the fellow that hosted Calling All Sports---Mike Minnery? I remember him interviewing Conrad Dobler back in 1986.