Friday, October 29, 2010

The stars will come to Jingle at Kiss 108's show

Radio stations must miss the days when they were the primary gatekeepers for pop stardom. MTV sandbagged them in the 1980s, and then along came the Internet with Itunes and YouTube. Yet musicians still heavily depend on radio airplay for mass sales, which is why they dutifully perform at promotional concerts.

On Wednesday(10/27) it was announced that WXKS/Kiss 108's Jingle Ball, one of the signature concerts of Boston radio, will return on Dec.9th to Tsongas Arena in Lowell with the usual Top40 all-star lineup that includes Katy Perry, Enrique Iglesias, B.o.B., Selena Gomez, Shontelle. Tickets to Kiss 108's 11th annual Jingle Ball will go on sale to the general public today at 3pm but will sell out in about the time it takes to click a mouse. Out of 6,500 tickets, Kiss 108 does hold back a wad to give away on the air. It's basically a way to keep more listeners tuned in a major fall ratings months of November and December.

BRW Notebook :

The Comeback Trail : One of the more entertaining DJ personalities to pass thru Boston airwaves in the past 15-20 years is none other than Ralphie Marino. You may recall his time in the afternoon drive at Jam 94-5(1995-2000) or morning drive co-host role at now-defunct Star 93-7(2001-2005). After Star 93-7 was replaced with Mike 93-7 and the entire staff was let go in April 2005, Marino moved to mornings at WERZ 107.1 in Portsmouth, NH. In 2009, the advertising recession had crippled the industry and left many people in radio and TV out of work. In April 2009, Marino and his co-host at WERZ were cut and replaced by a syndicated morning show out of Charlotte, NC. If you've followed him on Twitter, you probably aware that the past year and a half have been a trying time for Marino and his family as he briefly moved to the West Coast to look for a job. After unsuccessful attempts to land a fulltime radio gig, he eventually returned to his native New York City area where he has been getting part-time/fill-in weekend work at local stations but nothing permanent. Well, for his local fans and former Star 93-7 listeners, there is some promising news to report. Starting this week, Marino is back on the air in Boston at WODS 103.3 with his former Star 93-7 partner Karen Blake for another round of fun behind the mic. It's only a trial run thru year-end, but if the ratings swing his way he may have to change his name to the Comeback Kid.

How the deal got done : Boston Globe's Chad Finn has the details behind as to how the upcoming NESN-WEEI simulcast deal was put together. As mentioned in this space last week, WEEI's "Dennis and Callahan" will be simulcast on NESN beginning Tuesday, November 16 from 6am to 9am.

Jeff the Reaper : Rush Radio 1200's morning man Jeff Katz really got into Halloween spirit earlier this week as he visited gubernatorial candidate Tim Cahill's campaign headquarters in Quincy.

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