Monday, August 2, 2010

WFNX adds new Boston Accents to Sunday nights

For many years now Sunday night on Boston rock radio continues to be the bastion of new and local music scene. Longtime commercial radio outlets are still showing support for the up-and-coming acts with their weekly shows. WFNX 101.7 announced this morning that its New England Product program will be moving out of the crowded 10pm-Midnight block where it has been competing with Boston Emissions on WZLX 100.7 and Baystate Rock on WAAF 107.3. WFNX's New England Product will now be named Boston Accents, will pick up an extra hour and will move to an earlier time slot 8pm-10pm(from 11pm-Midnight) starting this Sunday(8/8). Here's the official WFNX release :

WFNX Expands Local Music Show with New Name, Earlier Time Slot

Boston Accents” Bows Sunday at 8pm

( Boston , Massachusetts ) Musicians around New England will get more exposure on Sunday nights and be better rested on Monday mornings, after WFNX re-launches its long-running Boston music show in an expanded, earlier time slot beginning Sunday, August 8th. The newly branded Boston Accents will air from 8-10pm and feature music by artists from Greater Boston, Western Massachusetts, New Hampshire , Maine , and Rhode Island .

Boston Accents will be hosted and produced by Dave Duncan, a twelve-year veteran of the Boston music scene. The New Hampshire native has worked with area bands as a talent booker, freelance writer, promoter, and the host of the latest WFNX local music show, “New England Product.” The station has featured a weekly local music show since 1984.

“ Boston music began defining itself for the world decades ago, as smart, edgy, and – regardless of the era or genre – unapologetic ally New England ,” said Mike Tierney, WFNX Vice-President of Broadcast Operations. “Today’s artists continue to reflect those attributes. Dave Duncan has it all too. He’s equal parts music fan, broadcaster, cheerleader, and ambassador to the people making the music. We’re lucky to have him on our team, and excited to hear him on the new Boston Accents.”

Duncan said: “For Bostonians, local music is as much a part of our identity as the Red Sox or aggressive driving. Whether you hit the clubs seven nights a week or just know a few cool bands and want to know more, Boston Accents will be for you. Each week's playlist will be loaded with bands that WFNX listeners know and love – and bands they'll soon love.”

“New England Product” had been airing Sunday nights from 11pm-12am.

WFNX broadcasts at 101.7 FM in Greater Boston, 92.1 FM in New Hampshire , and streams live worldwide online at

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James said...

Unfortunately, FNX's Sunday night schedule no longer includes 1 in 10.