Friday, May 7, 2010

WBUR’s local public affairs show is set to go daily

Beginning Monday, May 10, WBUR 90.9's "Radio Boston" will air every weekday at 3pm with a new host and a new format.
Meghna Chakrabarti becomes the lead host of Radio Boston. Chakrabarti, since her beginnings in 2002 as a producer for On Point, has grown quickly and formidably as a radio force and voice in Boston, in recent days filling in as host on WBUR’s national, daily news program, Here & Now.

"Radio Boston" has been part of WBUR's Friday afternoon schedule since its debut in September 2007. The station announced in March(BRW 3/1) that the program will switch to a daily format this spring.

BRW Notebook :

Radio people on the move : Boston radio's veteran jock Lady D, The Real Diana Steel, is back on the air - beginning tonight she debuts a new Friday night dance music program "Friday Night Fix" airingon WXLO 104.5 from 7 to Midnight. She was let go by Mix 104.1 last December(BRW 12/10) ...Producer Jason "Jpod" Pothier moves from WRKO 680 to new talk rival WXKS 1200/Rush Radio...WEEI 850's morning sports flasher Jon Meterparel has been named the new voice of Boston College basketball replacing Ted Sarandis who called Eagles hoops on the radio for the past 15 years. Sarandis recently joined rival WBZ-FM/SportsHub 98-5 where he hosts a Sunday afternoon show(1-5pm). Meterpael has been the voice of Boston College football since 2005 season. BC Sports package(baskeball and football) will stay at WEEI thru 2015.


Mr. Ackerman said...

why was there no mention of why Sarandis left?

Anonymous said...

Maybe they let him go. I doubt he'd give up the gig willingly to do weekends at the Sports Hub.

Ted was a horrible play by play announcer. He'd get so excited at times and wouldn't breathe properly, so his words would be strained. A simple thing a voice coach could address. There were lots of crutches in his delivery, like giving the time remaining in the game every single possession. And all the "wow's" got old years ago. For a local sports announcer, in a major market, he was awful.

While Meterparel still has room for improvement, he's gotten better since his days of calling the Revs games. It was time for a change.

Anonymous said...

I partially agree about the comments. Ted did give the time and score wayyyyy too often. And he did tend to hype up the opponent beyond belief (does Northeastern's man to man really rank up there with the best?)

Meter has a "young" voice that is very average. I am not sure his basketball knowledge is all that great.