Friday, March 19, 2010

Local radio revenue declines 19% in 2009

Although Boston radio stations rang up more than $228 million in advertising sales in 2009, it still was considered a pretty bad year for the business.

That's because the total was down 19 percent from the $283 million posted in 2008(BRW 4/2/08), according to market revenue estimates released this week by BIA/Kelsey.

Virginia-based BIA/Kelsey which tracks radio revenues for all stations shows that almost no one escaped harsh advertising environment - though some were hurt worse than others.

For 2009, BIA/Kelsey once again puts CBS Radio-owned news/talk WBZ AM 1030 at the top of the list with $25.3 million. Entercom’s sports talker WEEI AM 850 was right behind it with $23.2 million. In 2008, WBZ AM and WEEI AM collected $31.7 and $31.2 million, respectively.

Among four big radio groups(CBS, Entercom, Greater Media and Clear Channel) operating in Boston, CBS Radio's five stations sill topped all other owners by generating a $75.7 million which represented 33% of the entire market’s revenue pie.

Here are BIA/Kelsey's estimated 2009 ad revenues for Boston stations. The number in parenthesis is where that station finished in the last Arbitron PPM ratings period(Jan.7-Feb.3rd) :

1. WBZ 1030 - $25.3 million (2)

2. WEEI 850 - $23.2 million (tied 11)

3. WXKS 107.9/Kiss 108 - $19.7 million(1)

4. WMJX 106.7/Magic 106.7 - $18.9 million(3)

5. WJMN 94.5/Jamn - $14.5 million(4)

6. WBMX 104.1/Mix - $13.1 million( tied 11)

7. WODS 103.3 - $12.6million(9)
WZLX 100.7 - $12.6million(6)

9. WBZ 98.5/SportsHub - $12.1 million(tied 16)

10. WMKK 93.7/Mike-FM - $10.1 million(14)

11. WROR 105.7 - $9.175 million(5)

12. WAAF 107.3/WKAF 97.7 - $8.4 million(tied 16)

13. WKLB 102.5/Country 102.5 - $8.325million(10)

14. WTKK 96.9 - $6.875 million(tied 11)

15.WRKO 680 - $6 million(8)

Other : WBOS 92.9 - $4.025 million, WXRV 92.5/The River - $3.6 million, WFNX 101.7FM - $3.0 million


Anonymous said...

Does the Sports hub total include when it was 'BCN? Or just the sports talk? If it is only the sports revenue, then they didn't do too bad in 6 months.

Anonymous said...

I've always hated the way business thinks. If I earned
90,000 last year and 80,000 this
year, I don't say "I lost 10,000 !"

I MADE 80,000 !

I blame CEO's and Regional VP's who
ride into town once a year and set the sales budget at +15% over last year's total. Keep doing it year after year. Then, when you go back to the shareholders and say we missed budget--again, naturally they're gonna lose faith in your company and run. The stocks then tank, the CEO cuts talented people to save money,the product is diminished, therefore sales lower (but not the expectations--remember : +15%), and the tragic cycle continues.

The good news is, Mom and Pop will soon own radio stations again (and this time 'round, they'll be equipped as nicely as the big boys, and have a huge pool of talented people to pick from).


notloB said...

Would love to see the operating budgets for the area's "public" radio stations.