Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sheppard exits from WEEI's Big Show after 10 years

A sign of times perhaps but even the most popular stations and its strongest shows are not immune from the prolonged economic downturn that has impacted radio industry harder than any other traditional advertising medium.

Earlier this afternoon, Entercom New England announced that Pete Sheppard, longtime fixture on WEEI AM 850's afternoon "Big Show" has been let go due to budget cuts. Sheppard, a native of Narragansett, RI, graduated from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting in 1987. He then worked at several New England radio station including WXLO 104.5FM in Worcester and WKRI in Providence before making the jump to Boston radio in 1994 when he was hired by Metro Networks. . In 1995, he was named Metro's Sports Director. Sheppard joined WEEI in February of 1995 doing sports flashes on weekends. In 1997, he was given his own talk show with Jon Wallach. Sheppard has been working on “The Big Show” since 1999.

Here's WEEI's press release on elimination of Sheppard's position on the Big Show :

Statement Regarding Pete Sheppard from Entercom New England Vice President and Market Manager Julie Kahn and Vice President of AM Programming Jason Wolfe

“As we continue to operate in challenging economic times, it is with regret that we announce today that we have eliminated Pete Sheppard’s wish Pete the best of luck in his future endeavors and remain extremely grateful for all his contributions over the past decade.”position as sports anchor on the Big Show. We’d like to thank Pete for his outstanding work with WEEI over the last ten years. He played a major role in our growth, and helped “The Big Show” become one of the top radio shows in the country. We wish Pete the best of luck in his future endeavors and remain extremely grateful for all his contributions over the past decade.”


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Anonymous said...

They keep John Meter Paral who brings nothing to the table and let Sheppard go at least Pete made me laugh. Good luck Pete and remember there is always 98.5 FM

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness. He was the worst talk show person I've ever heard. About time.

Does not speak well, follows others' opinions, hard to listen to.

Worst interviewer of all time.

Please post the time he was interviewed and was so poorly prepared, he should have been fired then.

If 98.5 hires him, make sure he gets all the coffee orders right, that is all he is suitable for in sports talk radio.

Good luck to him, tough economy and hope he lands on his feet, just not in my speakers.

Allan said...

To be honest, i always liked him. He seemed to fit right in on the Big Show. Wasn't perfect, but definitely made me laugh. How can they do the real post-game show without him? Good luck out there

Anonymous said...

I can think of at least three changes I'd make before Pete.
But am I surprised, no. They get get interns to do 20/20 updates, at no money.

RockRoll360 said...

With the salaries your paying the other guys ---- well you know the rest - Overpaid sports rock stars ... yeah Jim talking about you ...

junkydomUSA said...

Stunt that will backfire. Made obvious by the midget's critical comments of CS in the Herald. They plan to play this out into a big soap opera. C'mon, do you think Schilling really, really cares about PS (I didn't see him boycotting teams that let go players he liked--it's business!), or that the midget would talk badly about one of Boston's biggest sports heroes????? A better response to the threat of 985 would be improved programming, not stunts.