Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Clear Channel is set to launch a news talk AM station

Nine years after acquiring WKOX AM 1200, nation's largest radio company Clear Channel is about to make it a major player on Boston's AM dial. As mentioned here, WKOX's signal was upgraded to 50,000 watts last spring(BRW 4/21/09) and with a new boosted signal Clear Channel will unveil a new talk radio station in Boston on April 1st. In addition to adopting a news/talk format, AM 1200 will have a new set of familiar call letters - WXKS AM - which currently reside on AM 1430.

The new talk format on AM 1200 will feature such nationally syndicated talkers as Glenn Beck(9am-Noon) and Sean Hannity(3pm-6pm) who are distributed by Clear Channel's syndication arm Premire Radio Network. It's expected that the station will feature a local talk show(6am-9am) when all details are announced. Although nothing has been officially confirmed, Rush Limbaugh who is also syndicated by Premiere and heard locally on WRKO AM 680 since August 1994 is widely expected to shift to AM 1200 once his contract with WRKO expires in the spring.

Earlier today, Clear Channel announced that it has hired a veteran Boston radio executive to be part of the new management team at News Talk 1200. Alan Chartrand who has over 20 years of local radio sales work at WJMN 94.5FM(Jamn). WTKK 96.9FM and WMKK 93.7FM(MikeFM) will be News Talk 1200's new general sales manager. Most recently he ran his own company Simply Good Marketing. His new position is effective February 1st.

In a press release, Mary Menna, Director of Sales for Clear Channel Boston and Providence, commented, “Alan brings a great knowledge and passion for talk radio, coupled with his ability to grow revenue, his leadership and his large network of business relationships made him the #1 choice for this newly-created position.”

For the past three years, AM 1200 has featured Latin music format "Rumba 1200" which was launched after Clear Channel pulled the plugged on the progressive talk format in December 2006. Latin music is expected to remain on AM 1430 which is currently known as "Mia 1430".

BRW Notebook :

Keeping pieces in place : While WRKO AM 680 may lose Rush to a new competitor, it just announced that it's keeping its night-time line-up intact for 3 more years as the station's owner Entercom has re-upped Michael Savage(7pm-10pm) and Jerry Doyle(10pm-1am) shows with syndicator Talk Radio Network.

Radio milestones : Magic 106.7FM's program director Don Kelly is celebrating a 20-year anniversary with one of Boston's most popular and successful formats. The station is also celebrating its 28th year on the air this month.


Anonymous said...

arent there people at magic who have been there longer than kelley?

Jim said...

As is custom with Boston radio, the radio dial falls over itself to serve the shrinking suburban white male audience, while ignoring the growing minority community. Ironic how Rumba will fall shortly after ESPN radio failed, another station that dumped Hispanic listeners for the white guys.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! This is just what Boston as needed - even more bombastic propaganda

Lynnrockets said...

Beck? Limbaugh? Hannity? I'll be skipping that station.

raccoonradio said...

Bombastic propaganda? Air America must be coming back! :) Must be the worst talk hosts in the worrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrld...The #1, 2, and 3 hosts nationwide--for a reason.

Anonymous said...

>>I'll be skipping that station.

Gee Lynnrockets, I wonder why? Judging by your website, I thought you were open minded?!

Anonymous said...

So, will 1430 adopt the WKOX calls?

Lynnrockets said...

@ Anonymous

I am open minded to reasoned thought and ideas but not hate radio from the likes of Hannity, Beck and Limbaugh. Besides, amongst the three of them, there is not even one college degree.

raccoonradio said...

They're sure successful, though. But not as good as liberal host Ed Schultz who says things like "I'd like to vote 10 times for Coakley in Massachusetts"; sure Ed, break
the voting law, nice.

Lynnrockets said...

@ raccoonradio

Ed Schultz was using a language technique known as hyperbole. But I wouldn't expect the degree-less Beck, Hannity or Limbaugh to understand that since each of their educations is lacking.

Besides, what the heck does Limbaugh know about voting? He admits to never having done it until he was 35. He probably skipped or flunked that particular civics class.

Anonymous said...

>.I am open minded to reasoned thought and ideas but not hate radio from the likes of Hannity, Beck and Limbaugh.<<

Typical comment from someone who has never listened to their show.

There is no hatred on any of their shows.

> Besides, amongst the three of them, there is not even one college degree.<<

Yet Ted Kennedy had a degree! Did that stop him from drowning a woman? Did that stop him from drinking and womanizing?

BTW...Larry King has no degree either. Did that stop him from being successful as a Liberal?

Go back to your blog and NPR where you never have to hear from anything or anyone you disagree with.


Anonymous said...

[i]Besides, what the heck does Limbaugh know about voting? He admits to never having done it until he was 35.[/i]

That's when he woke up and realized the Dems were screwing us in the backside....

raccoonradio said...

Prog talker WWZN may have to fulfill a college basketball committment tonight before getting to any election returns/commentary

Anonymous said...

The tide is turning against liberal thought lynn!

lynnrockets said...

@ anonymous:

Are you nuts? Larry king is not a liberal. Ed Schultz has a degree from the University of Minnesota and Stephanie Miller has a degree from USC.

Furthermore, I do not care what any of those people earn. I simply state that I do not take a lot of advice from people that lack degrees. And Beck, Hannity and Limbaugh did not even go to college enough collectively to earn even one degree between them.

As for Ted Kennedy, I would not rely on him for instruction on driving, drinking or womanizing, but I respect his political acumen and education. indeed, as for womanizing, you might want to consider the thrice married Limbaugh, the sexual assaulting O'Reilly,or the twice married Beck. Beck and Limbaugh also know a lot about drug and alcohol addictions.

lynnrockets said...

Oh, I forgot something. Would you consider this statement from Limbaugh to be hate radio, "Take that bone out of your nose and call back later."?

Anonymous said...

**Are you nuts? Larry king is not a liberal.**

Are YOU nuts? He has been a Liberal his entire life!

***Would you consider this statement from Limbaugh to be hate radio**

Please provide the source for this. Or else we will consider it simply anecdotal. (And don't point us to a liberal website either.)

**As for Ted Kennedy, I would not rely on him for instruction on driving, drinking or womanizing, but I respect his political acumen and education.**

What political acumen? M 46 years in office...and what was his biggest cause? Health Care! Did we ever get it in 46 years? Nope!

What education? You mean the one where he got expelled for cheating?

lynnrockets said...

Kennedy was not called "The Lion of the Senate" for no reason. He played a major role in passing many laws, including laws addressing immigration, cancer research, health insurance, apartheid, disability discrimination, AIDS care, civil rights, mental health benefits, children's health insurance, education and volunteering.

Kennedy (as was the custom at Harvard) was allowed to seek re-admission, which was granted. Thereafter, he received his undergraduate degree before obtaining his law degree at the University of Virginia School of Law which is one of the finest law schools in the nation.

Here is some more hate speak from Limbaugh:
# "Look, let me put it to you this way: the NFL all too often looks like a game between the Bloods and the Crips without any weapons. There, I said it."

Media Matters also documents this statement as one made by Rush Limbaugh in the course of his radio program on 19 January 2007.

Here are another couple of beauties:

# "Have you ever noticed how all composite pictures of wanted criminals resemble Jesse Jackson?"

# "Take that bone out of your nose and call me back."

Rush Limbaugh acknowledged making these statements in a 1990 Newsday article (although the latter, at least, occurred not on Limbaugh's now-familiar talk and political commentary radio program, but at the beginning of his broadcast career back in the early 1970s when he was hosting a Top 40 music show under the name "Jeff Christie" on either WIXZ or KQV in Pittsburgh):
For all his bravado, however, Limbaugh is immensely sensitive to charges of insensitivity. When asked about the racist they-all-look-alike connotation of a statement like "Have you ever noticed how all newspaper composite pictures of wanted criminals resemble Jesse Jackson?" this professional talker from a family of lawyers pleads total innocence.

"You may interpret it as that, but I, no, honest-to-God, that's not how I intended it at all. Gee, don't get me in this one. I am the least racist host you'll ever find." Recalling a stint as an "insult-radio" DJ in Pittsburgh, he admits feeling guilty about, for example, telling a black listener he could not understand to "take that bone out of your nose and call me back."

I hope that satisfies your thirst for Rushisms. Remember, the most conservative group of people in the nation, the fraternity of NFL owners would have no part of him as the result of his speech.

Anonymous said...

**Kennedy was not called "The Lion of the Senate" for no reason. **

Kennedy wasn't called a sleazy womanizer for nothing. He went after every bit of tail he could find, and ended up killing a woman at Chappequidikk.

**Kennedy (as was the custom at Harvard) was allowed to seek re-admission...*

Only after he was caught
C-H-E-A-T-I-N-G! As far as re-admission, amazing what money will do for you.

**Here is some more hate speak from Limbaugh**

I told you to give us a reliable non-parisan source. Instead you point us to a a partisan web site.

If you keep looking at all Liberal web sites, you cut yourself from any independent thought or review.

You have one big circle of Liberal web sites that send you from one idea to the next...and then back to the beginning.

Open the window for some fresh air!

lynnrockets said...

Do you really believe that and are not objective sources. That is strange because Limbaugh himself cites those sources all the time. If not, then what are. By the way how do you get around Limbaugh's admission to many of those statements as shown above?

Also, you can deny it all you want, but the fact is that Kennedy was known as "The Lion of the Senate". Furhtermore, I never said that he did not cheat. I simply pointed out to you that he was re-admitted, graduated with an undergraduate degree and thereafter earned a graduate degree from a prestigious law school.

This whole discussion began, you might remember, by my pointing out the fact that Hannity, Beck and Limbaugh do not have a single college degree between them.I do not know why you headed off on these tangents.

Anonymous said...

The whole discussion began as you remember, with your intolerance for any opinions but your own.

If you want to stay on your own web site, you will not have to hear any opinions from people who disagree with you.

If you are into the outside world, to deal with a topics such as radio, which has lots of opinions for lots of different people, then you should understand that not everyone agrees with Lynnrockets or whatever.

You can see by the recent election that it is you who is in the minority.

If you would have some respect for others with differing opinions then you are welcome to deal with the rest of the outside world.

Anonymous said...

Don't be surprised if Don Imus' show moved to the new AM 1200.