Friday, December 11, 2009

Oedipus spins to WFNX to carry on his Christmas Eve tradition

Even after he stepped down as WBCN's program director in June 2004, Oedipus(real name : Edward Hyson) continued to come back to the Rock every Christmas Eve to host his annual holiday show. It's a tradition he he started back when he was working as station's nigh-time jock in 1978. When he moved into WBCN's PD chair in 1981, he decided that the only person who should work on Christmas Eve should be the boss. And so for over 30 years, believe or not, Oedipus never missed a Christmas Eve show. However, with WBCN's demise this past August, it seemed very likely that Oedipus' streak would be coming to an end later this month.

Well, enter WBCN's former, longtime bitter rival WFNX 101.7FM to keep things going. As mentioned in the Boston Phoenix yesterday and officially announced today, Oedipus will host his Christmas Eve show on WFNX 101.7FM this December 24 from 6pm to Midnight. Tradition continues.

Here's official WFNX release :

WFNX Will Be Home For Oedipus’ Legendary Christmas Eve Show

Boston’s WFNX-FM will broadcast this year’s edition of the long-running Christmas Eve show hosted by legendary radio personality and programmer Oedipus. The show will again feature music from Oedipus’ carefully cultivated collection of holiday music, along with other exclusive Christmas-themed surprises from the show’s host, its listeners, and even the occasional world famous rock star. For over thirty years, it had been a fixture on the station’s now-defunct former rival WBCN.

“Christmas came early for me this year,” Oedipus said. “A Boston tradition lives on – Christmas music heard nowhere else – most appropriately on Boston ’s heritage alternative radio station, WFNX.”

WFNX vice-president of broadcast operations Mike Tierney said, “As one of Oedipus’ many friends and admirers, I was always aware of his Christmas Eve show and its loyal following. But until I started here this fall, I had no clue how much passion there was. Music lovers of all ages have been coming out of the woodwork, literally begging us to put it on WFNX. By the time Oedipus reached out to me, I couldn’t tell whether he was pitching me or if I should be pitching him.”

The Oedipus Christmas Eve show will air without commercial interruption on Thursday, December 24th, from 6pm until midnight. WFNX can be heard at 101.7 FM in Greater Boston, at 92.1 in New Hampshire , and streaming worldwide at


Anonymous said...

This is the best news ever!!
It just wouldn't be Christmas without Oedipus. Thank you Oedipus!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank God for Oedipus and Thank God for FNX..for saving the tradition!!!
So much for the "crock" of Boston...
This was always a better station anyway! Happy Holidays to all.

gladIleftmedia said...

Sometimes the worst of enemies becomes the best of friends. I was a "Nocturnal Emissions" junkie back in the day and I really miss Oedipus. May he bring Christmas joy to girls and boys forever!