Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sox games shift back to WEEI AM 850 fulltime

Entercom just sent out an announcement that effective tomorrow all Red Sox radio broadcasts will be on WEEI AM 850. Majority of the Sox games have been airing on WEEI's sister station talker WRKO AM 680 for the past 2 1/2 seasons.

Here's an official announcement from Entercom on flagship changes :

Red Sox Radio Broadcasts Return to WEEI

August 25, 2009 (Boston) — Entercom New England announced today that, effective with the team’s game against the Chicago White Sox Wednesday evening, August 26th, all future Boston Red Sox games will be carried on WEEI 850 AM in Boston, the flagship station of the WEEI Sports Radio Network.

From 1995 to 2006, Red Sox games were carried exclusively on WEEI. In 2006, the games were shifted to Entercom sister station WRKO AM 680.

“We have a tremendously close partnership with the Red Sox, and are very excited to bring them back to WEEI,” said Jason Wolfe, Entercom New England’s Vice President of AM Programming. “This move will add consistency to our lineup, whereby all of our sports assets will be consolidated in the same place. There’s no better compliment to the Boston Celtics, Patriots Monday and Patriots Friday, Sunday Night and Monday Night NFL football, the Super Bowl and NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, than adding Red Sox baseball back to nation’s biggest sports radio station.”

Added Julie Kahn, Entercom New England Market Manager/VP: “We’re delighted to bring the Red Sox back to their original home on WEEI. The Red Sox and WEEI have a long history together and it’s a partnership that’s a win for all – WEEI, the Sox and the Boston sports fans.”

“Our partnership with Entercom ensures that Red Sox fans know where to go for the best, most compelling sports news and features on radio,” said Red Sox President and CEO Larry Lucchino. “Today’s announcement marks a return home for us, and now all of Red Sox Nation will know they can turn to WEEI to catch every Red Sox game all season long.”

WEEI is the nation’s highest rated sports radio station, a three time Marconi Award Winner, and home to Dennis and Callahan, Dale and Holley, The Big Show with Glenn Ordway and Planet Mikey with Mike Adams. The WEEI sports radio network includes the following stations:

WEEI-850 AM Boston, MA
WEII-96.3 FM Cape Cod, MA
WEEI-103.7 FM Providence, RI
WVEI-105.5 FM Springfield, MA
WVEI-1440 AM Worcester, MA
WPEI 95.9 FM Portland, ME
WEEY-93.5 FM Keene, NH
WAEI-AM-910 AM / WAEI 97.1 FM Bangor, ME

Entercom is one of the nation’s largest radio broadcasters with operations, pro forma for pending acquisitions, in San Francisco, Boston, Seattle, Denver, Sacramento, Cincinnati, Portland, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Austin, Norfolk, Buffalo, New Orleans, Providence, Memphis, Greensboro, Rochester, Greenville/Spartanburg, Madison, Wichita, Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, Springfield and Gainesville/Ocala.


Anonymous said...

About time!! I live in a town that abbuts Boston to the SW and after sun down, no Sox on RKO - might as well be trying to tune in Chicago radio. My alternative - Planet Mikey - OK got it - his schtick was to provide an alternative to the Sox - a very little bit of sports, a whole lot of giggling with the E Mail female, yuks and sex jokes with Lenny Meggs and trading shots with the button - boy. Yeah, that was entertaining for about five minutes ... This move is sooo overdue - way to finally get the picture wicked witch and evil dwarf!

Anonymous said...

Looks to me like EEI wants out of the D/A vs Mikey battle of the airwaves.

Anonymous said...

Weei is playing up the Red Sox Angle, and playing down Planet Mikey....

Anonymous said...

It is good to see WEEI on the run. They thought they could win with Baseball on their sister WRKO and get more listeners on EEI at the same time. They have braggged about how good their rating are but being the only real game in a big sports town was their only advantage. The sports hub 98.5 has them making changes. Notice the shorter ad breaks, etc. Is is about time.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if the next move for EEI will be to get on an FM signal in Boston, like 97.7 or 93.7?

Allan said...

Are the shorter ad breaks a precursor to TV simulcasting? They talk about it on the Big show from time to time