Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jay Lite : Severin and WTKK's management agree to disagree with strings attached, host's suspension ends on June 2nd

Call it a softer, gentler Jay Severin. Greater Media announced today that Jay Severin is returning to his 3-7pm slot at WTKK 96.9FM effective Tuesday, June 2nd. This ends the month-long suspension saga of the controversial WTKK host. Greater Media sent out the following statement at Noon today.

Greater Media, Inc. Statement Pertaining to the Return of Jay Severin to the 96.9 FM WTKK Airwaves in Boston:

"We have had conversations with Jay Severin over the past several weeks about his hurtful, inappropriate remarks. He understands that we will not accept this type of commentary on our airwaves in the future. Based on this understanding, we have agreed to conclude Jay’s suspension and he will return to the 96.9 FM WTKK airwaves on Tuesday, June 2, 2009. We want to emphasize that WTKK still strongly supports an open and spirited debate about the many issues our community and our country currently face. There will no doubt be times when people disagree with what Jay says. Our goal is to maintain a level of discourse that is compelling and thought-provoking, yet civil and respectful. While we will not always succeed in walking this line, we will continually strive to do so."

96.9 FM-WTKK is owned by Greater Boston Radio, Inc., a subsidiary of Greater Media, Inc., the parent company of 23 AM and FM radio stations in the Boston, Charlotte, Detroit, New Jersey and Philadelphia markets. Greater Media also owns a group of weekly newspapers in central New Jersey as well as several telecommunications towers located throughout the United States.



Marty said...

Good. Let's see what he can do working wrapped in wax paper. The ratings will tell the tale....(and I thought Tom Leykis would be a great replacement!) ha ha

Boston Radio Watch said...

Obviously it didn't take a whole month for him and his agent to convince the management that he was sorry for the comments he made.

Taking a paycut now or, if the ratings continue to flounder, in the weeks to come will likely drive his future there. It's all about the bottom line. It always is.

On the scale of 1 to 10, I'm sure the kiss-up to his audience will be around 11 on Tuesday. As Marty said whether they'll be buying the wax paper version they're now going to be selling remains to be seen

Anonymous said...

Good decision by 969 to bring him back. The fill ins have been miserable. Email 96.9 and say thanks at least he will be back for now.