Friday, April 3, 2009

Radio to the rescue : Local station seeks to clear Leno's new NBC show

While the big media tussle between Ch.7 and NBC over non-carriage of Jay Leno's upcoming network prime-time program is dominating entertainment headlines today, Clark Smidt, owner and operator of WCAP AM 980 in Lowell, has been and is ready to simulcast the show on the radio in comedian's home market.

Clark is telling BRW that he is hoping to have Leno's permission to simulcast the nightly audio. WCAP already simulcasts three daily editions of top rated WCVB-TV/NewsCenter 5. Clark has been operating the heritage WCAP AM 980 since November, 2007. He lives in Leno's former hometown - Andover, MA - and featured Jay Leno as a guest on WBZ 106.7FM(now WMJX) back in 1972, when Leno was just starting out at Lennie's on the Turnpike.

BRW Notebook :

Setting new records : WBUR's "Only A Game" has now officially crossed the 200 affiliate mark. The locally-produced show added 17 new stations since mid-January. "Only A Game" is hosted by Bill Littlefield and is now into its 16th year in production. It is distributed nationally by NPR and is the network's only sports program. The show airs locally on WBUR 90.9 FM on Saturdays at both 7:00am and 6:00pm.

Rumble in Brighton tonight : WBCN's 31st annual "Rock'n'Roll Rumble" kicks off this weekend as the Globe profiles event's organizer and the host of station's local rock "Boston Emissions" show(10pm-Midnight) Anngelle Wood.

Dropping sticks for a cause : No word yet on the next Bruins radio deal, but the team's 13 players will participate in WBCN's 2nd annual "Cuts For A Cause" shavedown which takes place on Wednesday(4/8) at the Harp from 3 to 5pm. The event benefits Mass General Hospital for Children's Pediatric Oncology Unit. More info here and at

What are you saying? What are you playing? : REM's "Radio Song" aside, it's been over a year since the old WBOS 92.9FM left us. But the new WBOS 92.9FM(or Radio 92.9FM) apparently hasn't quite caught on with the people who loved the old WBOS.


Anonymous said...

WCAP wants to air Leno... give me a break! Their night power and pattern is so crappy I can't hear them 5 miles from their studio!

Anonymous said...

That depends upon where you are. WCAPs night pattern heads southeast toward Boston, away from Canada and Troy. Their signal is much stronger at night in that direction. So if they are going to replace the audio for channel 7 that's the way you'd do it.

Now if you want to debate whether putting TV audio on radio is a good idea or not, I say NO! It it a bad idea!!!

h said...

WBOS 92.9 no longer exists.

Anonymous said...

I say the time is ripe to bring back the Old WBCN underground format. What's old is new and what goes around comes around.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone from Boston tune into a Lowell station to hear an audio feed from a comedian who is sub-par at best? Besides, I heard that WHDH is going to go ahead and air Leno anyways.

Anonymous said...

I was listening to them the other day, because I sometimes listen to Dr. Joy. And now all I hear is some local show. Is this something new?