Friday, February 6, 2009

It's Truck Day!!!!

Walt Perkins takes over for retired Gil Santos at WBZ

WBZ AM 1030 made it official this morning. The CBS-owned news/talk station has promoted weekend sports anchor Walt Perkis to take over for retired Gil Santos as announced in its press release below. Perkins has been working as the weekend sports anchor at WBZ since 2001. Previously, he also served as WCVB-TV5's weekend sports anchor and host of Bruins telecasts on Channel 38 as well as a number of other media outlets in Boston and New England :

A New Voice of Sports in New England

(Boston) WBZ News Radio 1030 is pleased to introduce a new voice of morning sports to the New England audience. Walt Perkins will be the new morning sports anchor on WBZ News Radio 1030. Perkins takes over the morning role at WBZ News Radio following last week’s retirement of legendary sports anchor Gil Santos. Perkins has been a weekend sports anchor at WBZ since 2001 where he also led the station’s on-line sports reporting efforts for WBZ’s website (

Walt Perkins is a 30 year broadcast veteran and is also a native New Englander and with that come the experience of being a sports fan as well as a broadcaster who has covered all the major local teams highs and lows during his career.

“First, I am extremely honored to be following a sports legend in Gil.” Perkins said. “He was one-of-a-kind and cannot be replaced. I pledge to do my best to keep up the high standard he set in this job for the past 38 years. Second, I look forward to working with the top-notch crew that is in place – on air and off - bringing New England the latest sports news and information.”

Perkins will anchor all of WBZ’s morning sportscasts beginning at 5:15 each week day. He will also cover the local sports teams as a reporter and for WBZ’s website. “Walt has proven to be a tremendous asset to WBZ’s sports coverage during the last few years” said Peter Casey, Director of news and Programming for WBZ, “his efforts in producing sports coverage for our website have helped make it one of the most popular sections of the site. We’re thrilled to now have him on board in the morning.”

Perkins has experience covering sports for television as well as radio. He has worked at TV stations in Boston and providence.

WBZ News Radio 1030 is owned by CBS Radio Incorporated, a unit of CBS, Inc.

BRW Notebook :

Howie to the rescue : Even for talk radio, in which people of all stripes eagerly display private grief for public scrutiny, it was a very uncomfortable situation. WRKO's talk-show host Howie Carr tried talk a distraught caller out of taking her life on his afternoon show last week, the Herald reports.
(Audio of the call is here)

Your mama dressed you funny : An article about male friendships(termed 'bromance') on campus in Boston College's student newspaper BC Heights became a major topic of discussion(audio is here) during WEEI AM 850's "Headlines...Headlines...Headlines" segment on "Dennis and Callahan"(Mike Felger was subbing for Gerry Callahan) show this past Tuesday. BC Heights took exception to WEEI's take on things. [Ed. Note : I never understood WEEI's need to cover non-sports topics every morning. Of course, from the business standpoint, the "Headlines" segment presents a sponshorship opportunity for the station's advertisers just like its sportsflashes or wildly popular "Whiner Line". But when you discuss topics like 'bromance' on a sports talker you're going to go places where you probably shouldn't be going.]


Brighton Boris said...

Howie's story smells. It's not like he kept her on the phone talking for more than 2 minutes while his staff attempted to contact local Maine authorities to get the lady some immediate assistance. Listen to the call. He did his smartass act, gave a few life coach lines and moved on to the next caller.

Anonymous said...

This is the same Carr who just a few months ago was laughing uncontrolably as he played the tape of the frantic 911 call from DC Madam's mom after she found her daughter hanging...The guy is a complete fraud.