Monday, December 1, 2008

WBCN drops Opie and Anthony

Two and a half years after Opie and Anthony re-entered Boston radio landscape, the syndicated talkers are history here. It may mean that Toucher and Rich could be moving to mornings from anchoring afternoons. Then again, they could stay put in the PM drive. The new WBCN-FM line-up will reportedly be announced later this afternoon during Toucher and Rich show(3-7pm). Update : Toucher and Rich are moving to mornings. Adam 12 stays put in the midday but loses an hour. Hardy returns to his pre-T&R afternoon shift. Music director Dan O'Brien adds a night show. WBCN's weekday line-up as of 12/2/08

Toucher and Rich 6am-10am
Adam 12 10am-3pm
Hardy 3pm-7pm
Dan O'Brien 7pm-Midnight

Opie and Anthony were on vacation last week and were supposed to be back on WBCN today, but listeners found their 6am-9am show missing this morning, replaced by music.The switch comes at the end of the pair's contract, and CBS Radio, WBCN's owner, decided not to renew it. The pair is also being dropped by a CBS station in Cleveland and is now only heard on four terrestrial stations in New York City(K-Rock 92.3), Rochester, Norfolk, VA and Cape Cod. With their terrestrial syndication dwindling, Opie and Anthony are still heard on XM Sirius Radio(Ch.197 and 202).


Anonymous said...

I had never listened to them until I got my XM radio. I tuned-in and thought that they were pretty entertaining. In the last year or so, the show has become very stale, and has the same format every day - cry about working conditions, cry about Howie, talk about videos(it's a radio show, we can't see them), cry about past wrongs, have on the same comics(1st time funny, 12th time enough), etc. They claim to be more relevant and edgier than Howie and other "shock jocks", but in reality, they've become what they despised, a morning zoo. Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

In one way its sad to see them go but at the same time, they were not local enough for us and they ended at 9am which left us with not alot of choices. The Worcester station 107.3 is horrible to listen to. That morning show has been past its day for about 15 years now. Just hearing some of the people on that show in the morning set my day off in a bad way. At 9am in Boston, When O and A left the air i know of a fair amount of people who would swap to sports talk.

Now with T and R on mornings we won't need to make that switch. Hopefully they will add some decent music to oppose WAAFS' NON STOP TALK. We do need some relief and will make out traffic burdon a little more easy to swallow.
Hopefully BCN will replace the 7 to midnite show with some entertainment. The 2 man team works well in Boston. With so many people waking late for second and third shifts and so many working later hours to avoid traffic, it would be nice to have some solid entertainment to go with the music.

spsolomon said...

This isn't terrifically surprising; if you've listened to the times they've had Mel on over at the XM side, you know that the thought of premium sat content being given away on terrestrial radio is anathema to him. So this day was coming, and I won't be surprised when they are no longer on K-Rock and are a completely satellite-based show.

Having said that, I am a long-time O&A listener, since the WAAF and WNEW days, when I lived in north Jersey, before they were syndicated. I consider myself a fan. And so it's with a somewhat heavy heart that I can objectively say that the 6am-9am terrestrial show is a SHADOW of the greatness that used to be O&A, and the XM show is barely treading water compared to where it used to be (I've been a subscriber since 2005).

For whatever reasons, maybe because I'm older, or they're older, or the landscape has changed so much, it's not the same program it was even 2 years ago. A lot of people like to say that O&A don't have any more "edginess," but I don't think that's true. I don't think their hearts are in it anymore. And if that's the case, it's probably better that they aren't on in Boston anymore, where they have a proud (infamous?) history. Listening to )&A right now is a lot like watching Joe Montana play quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs. He should have retired a 49er.

spsolomon said...

I forgot to add one thing...

Your mom's box.

Anonymous said...

T&r are going to eat Hillman alive, that's a fact. What happens after they (quickly) accomplish that 1st goal? D&c might me able to stand up to them, and who knows how Howie will do in AMD.