Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lander Mixes out of mornings

Updated at 2:50pm : Lander's replacement(see below)

CBS Radio Boston's management has been busy rearranging morning drive shows on its local FM stations as of late. As you may have read in this space recently, WODS/Oldies 103.3 installed a new show "Zito and Blake" in November after Boston radio icon Dale Dorman signed off in September. Then last week, WBCN 104.1FM dumped syndicated satellite radio jocks "Opie and Anthony" and replaced them with afternooners "Toucher and Rich". Today, another CBS Radio station, another change in the morning commute shift. John Lander said goodbye to his AM drive audience on WBMX-FM/Mix 98.5 after nearly 13 years on the air in Boston. The rest of the show's support staff of "Lander in The Morning" which included sidekicks Kelly Malone, Alicia Love and weather man Mike Ellis have also been let go according to a number of reliable sources.

Lander joined Mix 98-5 back in February 1996 after working at stations in Houston, Philadelphia and New York City. In somewhat an unpopular move at the time, he replaced local veteran Joe Martelle who was on the air in Boston for 17 years. (Martelle was recovering from a surgery and off the air when he was let go.)

It hasn't been announced yet as to who will anchor WBMX's morning drive. "Lander In the Morning" page on Mix 98.5's website has been removed. The Arbitron's fall ratings survey ended yesterday. The new Portable People Meter technology will be implemented in time for the next survey period in January but won't officially go live until March.

Update : John Lander's replacement at Mix 98.5FM will reportedly be a morning show out of Memphis' Top 40 station WHBQ-FM/107.5FM - "Kennedy and Maney". Welcome to Boston, ya all!

BRW Notebook :

Say it isn't so : The Hall and Oates' tune hasn't been introduced as the new theme music on WRKO's morning show, but it probably will be soon. The Boston Herald has the scoop this morning that Enterom Boston has opted to keep ratings-challenged Tom Finneran in the AM drive slot for another year. The same article says that WRKO's management is looking to land WTKK's current midday personalities Jim Braude and Margery Eagan when their contracts run out next year.

Almost like being there : Kiss 108's annual "Jingle Ball" bash is on tonight at the Tsongas Arena in Lowell. The station is planning to stream the sold-out convert event live beginning at 7pm tonight on its website....Speaking of Kiss, a familiar voice is back in the station's on-air line-up. Deirdre Dagata has taken over the night shift(7pm-12am) after Jackson Blue left a couple months ago. As you recall, she was shifted to weekends after the station replaced in middays with a voicetracked show out of NYC in December 2006.

Money is too tight to mention : The Globe reports that UMass-owned WUMB 91.9FM's annual Folk Festival won't be happening in 2009 due to lack of sponsorship money.

All That Jazz : Jeff Turton, the Sunday morning host of "Jazz Brunch" heard on WFNX 101.7FM's celebrates his silver anniversary at the station this year. Former Boston Globe radio columnist Clea Simon filed this report recently.

Greettings from Toucher and Rich : WBCN 104.1FM's new morning kings "Toucher and Rich" had a brief sit-down with trade publication "Radio OnLine". Here's the link(Ed. Note : These guys are very, very good. I keep going between Howard on XM-S and them every morning now).


spsolomon said...

So, let me get this straight: CBS drops Opie & Anthony because "the trend is going more toward a local show these days," but then axes John Lander to bring in a morning show based out of Memphis, TN?

And that makes sense, how?

Why not just be honest about it: both moves are salary/rights fees dumps. Plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

Lander is why I listened to WBMX in the morning because quite frankly, most of the artists that they play aren't that great. I guess its over to WBCN in the morning, now that Toucher and Rich have been moved. Man my whole radio day got messed up in one week.

Anonymous said...

Lander in the Morning was my favorite morning radio show. I would find myself laughing in my car on my way to work all by myself with those nutcrackers!! They were a funny team. NOW...WBCN...not so great.....more borderline BORING.

Anonymous said...

96.9 TKK is the only interesting radio aside from the HillMan morning show on WAAF