Monday, December 8, 2008

Greater Media's market boss Redo leaving the local radio group

After nearly three years guiding five Greater Media-owned local FM stations in the very challenging and radically changed radio world, Phil Redo is departing his position as VP/Market Manager at the Dorchester-based radio cluster. Greater Media's Senior VP of its radio division Rick Feinblatt will be the interim market manager for the Boston stations until permanent replacement is named. (Feinblatt heads Greater Media's 23-station operation in Boston, Philadelphia, Detroit, Central NJ and Charlotte, NC.)

Under Redo's tenure, who came from a programming background, Greater Media Boston has seen a mixed bag of results in revenue and ratings perfomance of its five FM stations. Although the sputtering economy has put hurt on radio advertising revenue locally, some of Greater Media's formats like talker WTKK 96.9FM and classic hits WROR 105.7FM didn't turn higher ratings into profits according BIA Financial figures from 2007. On the positive note, WMJX 106.7FM/Magic has remained a steady and solid performer in ratings and revenue in 2007 and continued strong ratings showing this year. In addition, Redo oversaw country WKLB-FM move from 99.5 to a stronger 102.5Fm frequency at the end of 2006. The better signal translated into higher ratings and revenue for WKLB in 2007 according to BIA estimates. And somewhere in the middle is WBOS 92.9FM which remains a work in progress. Earlier this year, the station dropped live DJs and transformed from a very eclectic AAA format to automated mass apeal 80's/90's modern rocker but hasn't made much of a splash with the over-rocked Boston radio audience.

Prior to joining Greater Media Boston in April 2006, Redo was the Vice President of Station Operations and Strategy for New York Public Radio, WNYC-AM and FM. Redo served as the Program Director of Greater Media's WMJX-FM in Boston from 1986-1990, and as an on-air personality for the original WROR back in the early 1980s.


Anonymous said...

I'll bet ya 2 things:
1. Early 2009, one of Boston's FM stations(my bet is Oldies 103.3) will become an all sports station.
2. David Allan Boucher will find himself out of a job when WMJX-FM adds John Tesh to their nightime lineup(you'll still hear him on their HD2 Smooth Jazz Channel)!

Anonymous said...

So, WMJX is going to cancel their most popular show?

Anonymous said...

i dont think greater media is going to screw with magic...its their cash cow....

and like the previous poster said, david allen boucher is one of the most popular things on that station

why screw with sucess?