Monday, November 24, 2008

Punked : WROR's Loren and Wally give Laquidara a birthday wakeup

This morning, WROR 105.7FM's morning team of Loren and Wally attempted to prank the retired Boston radio legend Charles Laquidara on his big 70th birthday. Here's WROR'sp press release :

105.7 WROR celebrated the birthday of long-time Boston radio personality, Charles Laquidara, with a taste of his own medicine!

Charles Laquidara’s son, Ari-Jon, and WROR’s Loren and Wally did a Big Mattress-style “wake-up” call to Charles at 4am Maui time. The fictitious plot: Ari told his Dad that he had been taken into custody for DUI and the arresting officer (played by WROR’s Tom Doyle) wasn’t a fan of Charles’ liberal politics.

The practical joke worked for a short time before Charles knew he was being hosed. He then joked that he was paying for Ari’s college and the cops should keep him in custody to save Charles some money.

Since WROR is playing all Christmas songs, Loren and Wally sent out Bing Crosby’s “Mele Kalikimaka” to him as a birthday present.

The phone call will be available for a limited time as a WROR podcast at

BRW Notebook :

Zone 2.0 : As mentioned here in the last update, WWZN AM/Zone 1510 is adding a couple of new progressive talk programs beginning next Monday(12/1). Jeff Santos and his Santos Media company have bought the 6am-9am block on the station. Morever, Santos has bought additional time on the schedule and will program the 12-3pm slot beginning in January.(He'll host and program Zone's all-day inaguration broadcast on January 20th). The rest of the Zone's schedule will fill out like this : "The Steve Sweeney and Friends" show(9a-10a), Sports Memo Show 10a-12p, The Young Guns with ChrisVillani(3p-5p), various sports shows 5p-6p, SF-based progressive talker Peter B. Collins who like Santos debuts on Monday will be on from 6pm-to 9pm and Sporting News Radio will close out the day 9p-12a. Boston University hockey and basketball will preempt the Peter B. Collins show.

Radio stuffings : Some Thanksgiving day specials around the dial include WFNX 101.7FM doing a Leftover Weekend with its playlist of tunes from the 70's, 80's and 90's starting Thursday at 6am and going to 8pm Sunday. WXRV/The River 92.5FM will have an "Un-plucked Thanksgiving" with all-acoustic playlist.

Pink Christmas? : Radio trade publication Radio Business Report(RBR) had an item in its Friday's update that one of the nation's biggest radio companies is planning a mother of all layoffs next month. RBR didn't give company's name but the list of usual suspects probably applies.


Andrew said...

"Leftover Weekend" on WFNX. A convenient way for FNX to mask the fact they don't play any new, cutting edge alternative music.

Anonymous said...

Is there a guy mailing it in more than Steve Sweeney?

I suppose it's possible, but he's got to be at the top of any list. Just a horrid, warmed over, afterthought of a show.

Anonymous said...

whereis steve sweeney?i loved that show?progressive talk plain flat out sucks!