Sunday, November 2, 2008

Call ‘em polling stations : local radio plans to blanket airwaves with election coverage

Radio will be all over the Election Day on Tuesday.

WBZ AM 1030 will start extensive coverage at 5am on Election Tuesday. In addition, for the first time ever, the news/talk station will provide its election reports to the other four CBS Radio-owned Boston stations(WBMX 98.5FM, WBCN 104.1FM, WODS 103.3FM and WZLX 100.7FM) throughout the day. Morning anchor Ed Walsh will kick off the election night wall-to-wall coverage at the top and bottom of each hour starting at 8pm. Walsh will be joined by veteran political strategist Michael Goldman who will provide the election results analysis. Dan Rea will be at his customary "NightSide" host position and will provide analysis and discussion with Walsh and Goldman following each newscast. Rea will also be taking calls from listeners. Rod Fritz will take over the newsanchor duties from Walsh at around 11pm. WBZ will also tie in network reports from CBS Radio News and ABC Radio News with their correspondents on the campaign trail as well as their polling experts and analysts in New York. WBZ will have its reporters in New Hampshire covering the Obama and McCain headquarters as well in various Boston locations standing by for reactions of national and local results, plus live coverage of victory and concession speeches by the presidential candidates.

On the talk front,
WRKO AM 680 will kick the big day off with Tom Finneran who will have Gov. Deval Patrick as his guest. Syndicated talkers Laura Ingraham(10-Noon) and Rush Limbaugh(Noon to 3pm) will provide national perspective. Howie Carr who has a huge week ahead with his Radio Hall of Fame induction on Saturday(11/8) will bring it home with the local reaction. Starting at 7pm, WRKO will pick up Fox News Radio's special election coverage with up to the minute national race results including local inserts for Mass. elections and ballot questions. Rival talker WTKK 96.9FM’s election coverage will click into high gear with round-the-clock coverage from its local talk shows(Michael Graham(9am-Noon), Eagan and Braude(12-3pm), Jay Severin(3pm-7pm), Michelle Mcphee(7-10pm) and Curtis Sliwa(10pm-1am). WTKK's Ed Cherubino will be live in the newsroom supplemented by national news reports from CNN. WTKK's special election coverage will begin at 7pm and will continue until the winner is declared. The FM talker will also have live studio audience on hand.

WBUR 90.9FM will start its planned eight-hour coverage at 7pm relying on National Public Radio reports and call-in segments anchored by Robert Siegel and Michele Norris. At midnight Siegel and Norris will hand the baton over to Weekend Edition’s host Scott Simon and NPR’s congressional correspondent Debbie Elliot who ill anchor NPR’s national coverage until 3am. A number of minutes each hour will be turned over to local coverage by the WBUR news staff for in-depth coverage of state and local races.

Meanwhile, don't be surprised if you tune in to WGBH 89.7FM and don’t hear Eric Jackson’s jazz programming between 8pm and Midnight. Just like WBUR 90.9FM, WGBH will run NPR’s coverage and provide its own local inserts from WGBH news staffers. WGBH’s election coverage
will kick off at 7pm with a special election edition of PRI’s The World.

BRW Notebook :

Practicing for Election Night : Even sports talker WEEI AM 850 is in the election mix...kind of. Monday Night Football’s Redskins-Steelers game which will air on WEEI at 8:30pm(8:00pm pregame) apparently carries some historical significance thanks to the so-called Redskins Rule according to [Ed. Note : Bottom line - If the Redskins win, McCain wins. If the Steelers win, Obama wins. Will see if the sreak holds this time around.] :

“The Redskins, in fact, are an accurate barometer for presidential elections. According to Steve Hirdt of the Elias Sports Bureau, who coined the term "Redskins Rule" in 2000, the following bromide has held true for the past 17 presidential elections: If the Redskins win their last home game prior to Election Day, the party that won the popular vote in the previous election wins the White House; if the Redskins lose, the party that lost the popular vote in the previous election wins.”
Eearly holiday gifts? : CBS Radio's company-wide initiave will have all of its stations in major markets running an on-line holiday music channel on their respective websites this season. This is part of the multi-million dollar CBS-AOL online radio network partnership agreement signed earlier this year. The AOL-powered Boston Holiday Music channel can already be accessed via CBS-owned WODS 103.3FM and WBMX 98.5FM sites with WBZ AM 1030, WBCN 104.1FM and WZLX 100.7FM soon to follow. Over the air, WODS 103.3FM which has been pre-empting its oldies format with all-holiday tunes every November and December since 2003 is expected to switch to its all-Christmas format as early as this week.


A longtime reader said...

WODS (103.3) and WROR (105.7) appear to have made the switch to holiday music already! Ugh!

Ciao said...

WILD had great coverage of the election. The Tom Joyner morning show was the only morning show in America to broadcast from the Obama campaign headquarters on Election Day.