Saturday, October 25, 2008

WBZ voices capture a moment in history on Mad Men

WBZ AM 1030 got an offer it couldn't refuse, a chance to be heard on AMC’s award-winning show “Mad Men”. The station was approached recently by “Mad Men" post-production people, according to WBZ’s news director Peter Casey.

“The producers of the show located some old archive audio at the JFK Museum(in Dorchester) and then sought our permission to use the audio in the program. Depending on which audio they used in the final edit some of the local WBZ voices you may here could be: Streeter Stuart; Morton Dean, Kevin O'Keefe, and/or Dick Levitan.”

WBZ Radio’s big moment will occur this Sunday night(10/26) at 10pm when AMC runs the final episode of season number two. It’s unknown when or in what context WBZ’s audio will be used but Casey says that “some of the plot of the season finale is focused on the Cuban missile crisis”.

“Mad Men” is AMC’s politically-incorrect hit drama series about a 1960s NYC advertising agency debuted in July 2007. The show won six Emmy Awards, including one for outstanding drama series in September and was just picked up for its third season.

BRW Notebook :

Police radio blotter :
Reese Hopkins who landed on local airwaves as a midmorning host on WRKO AM 680 last December and promised listeners that his life will be an
“open book” will need to add another chapter or two to his story. Hopkins was dismissed from the talk station as part of a company-wide budget cutting last Thursday. This week he was arrested in Malden and extradited to NYC to face charges of sexual assault on a minor reports NY Daily News..... Sports radio/TV personality Bob Gamere who had a controversial career as well as a troubled personal life is back in the news facing disturbing allegations reports the Globe. Over the years, Gamere has had his share of drunk-driving arrests including one where he smashed into parked cars(outside the old Garden), bar brawls and an endless list of other off-air misconducts. In the late 80’s, he was also stabbed four times while walking thru the Fens on the way home from a booze cruise. He got start at Worcester’s WTAG AM in the 60’s and moved all over Boston's TV and radio dials including hosting the super popular the Candlepins for Cash on Channel 7. For years he was the voice of Harvard Football on the radio and also hosted “Voice of Sports” on the old WITS/WMRE AM 1510(now the Zone 1510). Here’s a bonus read on Gamere's latest episode of personal demise from the guys at Barstool Sports.

On the mend : The Herald
updates on Bob Lobel’s recovery from October 7th back surgery. Lobel who signed on as a special guest host on Oldies 103.3FM in mid-September will now be phoning into the morning show with his rehab progress reports for the time being.

Grim times : The redesigned and consolidated Boston Globe has apparently decided not to devote any more print space to local radio coverage. That’s a shame. Clea Simon who wrote an enjoyable Radio Tracks for more than a decade wrote her last column this week. Over the years, she seemed to take a simpler and lighter approach with the industry often focusing on college and public radio programming and personalities in the Boston market. Her
last column is a pointed reminder why her work will be sorely missed by readers, including one in this space.


Anonymous said...

Bob Lobel is horrible to listen to. It was bad enough when he was on TV. Now I have to hear him on one of my favorite stations. He is terrible he just drones on and on. I enjoy his female partner very much but has to go.

Clea Simon said...

Thanks for the kind shout out. I did always try to find a readable feature in the radio news, either highlighting a small show that many people wouldn't otherwise know about or spotlighting some factor of the medum that even people who weren't tuning in would enjoy. Back when I was writing music criticism for the Herald, my then-boss Larry Katz (a wonderful guy) told me (I'm paraphrasing here): "Clea, most of the people who read your piece don't know the band, won't ever listen to the record, and don't really care. They're just looking for something to read that will entertain them for the few minutes that they're sitting on the can." That thought has kept me pretty humble - and pretty focused on telling an interesting, if brief story every week.
- clea simon

Outofthebusiness said...

Crime sprees for WRKO midday hosts are nothing new. Didn't hurt Tom Leykis any, he took his abuse of his wife and turned it into a brand name for abusing women.