Friday, September 19, 2008

Oldies 103.3 to launch a new morning show with Lobel and Blake as co-hosts

What does it take to replace one radio legend? Well, it takes two radio and TV veterans - Bob Lobel and Karen Blake. Beginning this Monday(9/22), the two will co-host brand new morning drive show on WODS 103.3FM/Oldies 103.3 from 6am to 9am.

One of Boston's best known TV sports anchors Bob Lobel first broke into Boston media market via WBZ AM 1030 in 1976. Lobel who is considered a TV broadcast sports icon of sorts around these parts was bought out of his deal with WBZ-TV4 this past April. Ironically, Lobel began his sports media tenure in Boston on the radio side at Oldies 103.3's sister station WBZ AM 1030 in 1976 as the afternoon sports reporter and later sports anchor. He also co-hosted “Calling All Sports” with Upton Bell in the late 70’s. He then moved over to the TV side in 1979. He also hosted the “C.A.S.” when it returned to WBZ in the early 90’s when the radio station had the all-sports weekend block programming.

In early April, Lobel told BRW that he wouldn’t rule out a return to radio after his WBZ-TV run ended : I have no idea whats going to happen.. i have no idea what’s going to be possible in the separation agreement(with WBZ-TV). It’s a work in progress. I can tell you that at least on some part time basis i would be very open to doing some radio stuff. It’s kinda my first love.” Well, looks like Lobel should be back in a familiar element come Monday morning.

As for Lobel's co-host, Karen Blake is considered one of Boston's most popular radio deejays with the on-air calling card "The Madam" in her three decades on local radio. She began her career as intern at Kiss 108 back in the early 80's where she later became a fulltime on-air personality. Over the years, she held various shifts at a number of other stations and formats like Z94, Jam 94-5 Country 105.7, Eagle 93.7 and Star 93.7. She joined Oldies 103.3 as the afternoon personality back in October 2005.

Blake and Lobel auditioned together over the summer as Blake filled in for Dale Dorman for a couple weeks.

Two Boston stations pick up national awards as Big O goes 0 for 3

Two local stations are coming home from this week’s National Association of Broadcasters’ Radio Show and industry trade publication Radio and Records’ Convention with nice souvenirs - the Marconi Radio Award and Radio Industry Achievement Award, respectively.

All-sports WEEI AM 850 picked up its second Marconi in three years as the best sports talk station in the country at the last night's awards ceremony concluding NAB’s 2008 Radio Show in Austin, TX. Two years ago, WEEI won a Marconi for the sports station and the large market station.WEEI's afternoon host of the Big Show, Glenn Ordway, who was nominated in the Major Market Personality category lost out to Ryan Seacrest who hosts a morning show on KIIS-FM/LA among his many media ventures. (This past week, Seacrest's nationally syndicated show began airing locally on Kiss 108 from 10am to 1pm).

This was Ordway's third Marconi nomination. He was previously nominated in 2005 but lost out to Bill Handel of KFI AM 640/LA. And, last year, Big O came up short against Chuck Collier of country station WGAR-FM/Cleveland. On the bright side, Ordway still got ways to go before tying or breaking Susan Lucci's winless streak record.

At the Radio and Records’ convention which also took place in Austin earlier this week, WBMX-FM/Mix 95.5 was named the best major market station in the "Hot AC" format. Also, in the same format category, station’s Mike Mullaney won as the best music director of the year.And, Seacrest, who hosts American Top 40 countdown on Kiss108 every Sunday morning, also took home the National Radio award at the Radio and Record event.

BRW Notebook :

Hi Ma…Bye Ma..Hi Ma! : As already mentioned in this space(BRW 9/14), Boston radio icon Dale Dorman signed off mornings at WODS/Oldies 103.3 last Friday. Dorman will now be heard regularly on weekends starting next Saturday(9/27).

The best of the best : This week, Globe's radio column has a story on the upcoming Massachusetts Broadcasters' Hall of Fame induction ceremony for Class of 2008.


Anonymous said...

Do you have any proof that Lobel was indeed "bought out"?

I had heard he and his lawyer were requesting the full amount of his contract.

He may still be under contract.

amusedbutinformedobserver said...

This is a disaster in the making. Either they've been doing dry-runs on the sly for weeks or Monday will bring the most awkward pairing in local radio since John MacLean and Ned Martin.

Anonymous said...

Susan Lucci's record has been eclipsed by Bill Maher, who has lost 20 Emmy nominations and will probably lose his 21st tonight to the Daily Show or Colbert Report.

Chris said...

There is no compelling reason for Bob Lobel to be doing this. He isn't funny, and in fact grates on viewers and listeners alike. His irritating brand of delivery won't play, and I firmly believe this venture is a debt of obligation rather than some well-thought-out programming scheme. The only thing worse will be if the insufferable Scott Wahle surfaces on the radio. These people seem to have some sort of 'womb-to-the-tomb' entitlement to on-air jobs in the media, when common sense dictates that they should just peacefully exit stage-left and let others give it a go.

Chief said...

Matt Siegel went off on CBS radio management this morning with regard to their handling of the Oldies Morning show.

"How can you replace a legend with an out-of-work sportscaster."

"And his co-host has run a bunch of stations into the ground."

"Look at the ratings in their group, 'BCN, BMX. They're all low. Except for 'BZ."

Anonymous said...

**The only thing worse will be if the insufferable Scott Wahle surfaces on the radio. These people seem to have some sort of 'womb-to-the-tomb' entitlement to on-air jobs in the media, when common sense dictates that they should just peacefully exit stage-left and let others give it a go.**

Aw Jeesh CVhris, you turn up on every forum with the same song.

You have something against Scott Wahle.

You say sportscaster claim to be "entitled" to their job.

You expect them to walk away from the job of a lifetime and the craft they love.

Whats up with that?

Time for a new song.

Anonymous said...

The morning show Blake said herself "this is an experiment". Lobel is trying it out for a month, so said the Herald. Blake is fine and she's in her element of morning gossip-she did the show fine with June Knight this past summer when Dorman was out sick. The whole station underwent some shifting around. Tom Kent is syndicated at nights now. Gone is their Thursday Night Retro Countdown. But the MIA Patrick Callahan was heard last weekend happy to be back. He's still not on the Oldies site. ANd Dale Dorman re-starts(as has been said) this coming an as-yet to-be disclosed timeslot. Oldies moves their weekend crew around like matchsticks.