Friday, September 12, 2008

Seacrest In : His syndicated show to be heard on Kiss 108

Ryan Seacrest, the ubiquitous Fox’s American Idol host and LA-based radio host will be heard on WXKS 107.9FM/Kiss 108 starting Monday(9/15). His syndicated radio show “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” will join Kiss' line-up from 10am to 1pm as Boston becomes the latest on the ever-growing list of radio markets for Seacrest's latest national radio venture.

Seacrest’s Clear Channel-distributed program launched nationally on
June 30 is basically his five-hour morning drive show on LA’s KIIS-FM cut down to three hours for syndication without all the LA-related local content(news, traffic updates, local ads, etc). Seacrest’s other radio vehicle is “American Top 40” countdown which Kiss 108 airs on Sunday mornings(8am-Noon).

Kiss will adjust its weekday schedule a bit to accommodate Seacrest’s addition.
Shelly Wade who’s been voice tracking the midday shift out of NYC’s Z100 since December 2006 will now move to the 1-3pm slot. Afternoon driver Neil “Romeo” Paris will now cross into evening schedule and will be on from 3 to 8pm.

BRW Notebook :

Is there life after Tom Brady? : WRKO's resident Radio Hall of Famer Howie Carr penned a great column this week telling all the local sports radio yahoo's to get a life or something comparable to it. A shot at WEEI, its management(same as WRKO's), listeners,etc? You betcha. Is presidential politics more important than Tom Brady not playing football for the next five months? Arbitron's Fall survey begins on September 18th. We'll surely find out sometime in late January how local sports talk did vs. presidential politics this fall. As many observers correctly point out, this particular presidential election will be like the World Series for talk radio. So WEEI yappers better not rain on Howie's parade on WRKO which is currently underway with a big wrap-up Hall of Fame dinner in Chicago on November 8th.

[Ed. Note : Sure, WEEI still has plenty of champions to rely on - Sox and Celtics content could to fill out the rest of the schedule without any problem - but Patriots Monday, Patriots Friday and Football Sunday are pretty expensive shoes to fill if the Pats take a massive dive which is likely. And, Bob Kraft's content licensing agreements are not cheap.

Granted, the Pats opened the season up against the Sox(on NESN), but registering 16th highest local TV rating for a SuperBowl team absolutely proves that the Pats without Brady will be a struggle to sell for local media(WEEI, WBCN, WBZ-TV, WCBV-TV,etc). Boston is no different than anywhere else in the country. We're the sports nation of frontrunners, folks. That is why there's been so much hype this week coming from Kraft-affiliated media outlets to prop Cassell as the next Brady which is not only absurd but insulting to people who know the game.

Curt Schilling obviously hasn't lived thru the bitter and angry Boston sports sucksville of the 90's. Remember those home TV blackouts for the Patriots games and the Sox drawing only 15,000 a game or Celtics going 15-67 under ML Carr?! That wasn't that long ago.]

Let the games begin : Technically speaking, we are still in the summer ratings period thru Wed.(9/17), but it's not stopping some stations' promotions departments from gearing up for the important fall book by coming up with various contests and promotions. WTKK 96.9FM's midday host Michael Graham will deliver over 500 lipsticks to Senator Barack Obama tonight in Concord,NH in response to Obama’s “Lipstick on a Pig” comment. More in Greater Media's press release....WODS FM/Oldies 103.3 is surely putting those great 70's Oldies on hold and switching to its sixth straight all-Christmas-all Holiday music format sometime this fall. The Oldies station is launching its Secret Santa contest this coming Monday morning. Winners will get tickets to husband-wife Amy Grant-Vince Gill "Simply Christmas" concert tour which stops in Worcester in early December.(Ed. Note : Last year, WODS switched on November 12. I don't have any inside knowledge as to when this year's holiday installment is set to begin but I wouldn't be shocked if it's pushed up to October considering the very messy state of radio and general economies. In any event, please feel free to post a comment with a prediction on which station(s) in the market will take on All-Holiday music and when.).

Rough ride : As mentioned in this space last week(BRW 9/4), Metro Networks which provides a number of major Boston and smaller suburban radio outlets with traffic and news updates is shrinking its operations starting this coming Monday(9/15). Today, the traffic reporting service's parent company LA-based Westwood One officially announced major restructuring including major cutbacks to staff and operations centers around the country. No word yet on how many people are being laid off in the Boston office which is based in Government Center.

Please step away from the box, sir : The Herald has almost a comical story on an internal memo informing employees that Entercom's corporate suite at Fenway Park will be used by company's top dog David Field this weekend.(Ed. Note : Geez, you'd think as the guy owns the company he'd have the first dibs on the Fenway box any day he wants. Somehow, there's a controversy about it. Goofy stuff.)

And Now for Something Completely Different : The Globe's radio column this week has a feature story on WODS-FM/Oldies 103.3's afternoon personality and Boston radio vet Karen Blake doing a five-mile fundraising walk for Jimmy Fund next Sunday(9/21) high heels.

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